Pros and cons

Everyone who’s a bit passionate about travelling probably dreams of a long-term journey in his life. But as always in life, things have its up- and downsides. And no matter how much you might crave for a round the world trip, this descision might be considered well. So as luckily you found a blog with a (future) long term traveller and a short term traveller with a home base, we want to inform about the pros and cons that brought us to the desicsions that we made.



  1. you’re ‘just into travelling’

Do you know that moment at the end of a trip when you feel like ‘Aaah, I just got used to travelling I just started feeling relaxed I just got into travelling and now I have to go home’. The great advantage of long-term travel: you don’t board for your flight home but for a flight to another destination. We’ve all been dreaming of this situation when travelling, right?

2. You can take as much time as you want to to explore a region

Yeah we know it all, don’t we? You have two or three weeks holidays, you chose a country to visit, you make plans and realize that you could actually spend months here to explore everything but have to limit your schedule down to two weeks. This is probably one of the most annoying things that happen so if you travel long-term, you can take as much time as you want to. So cool!

3. You’ll need to fly less

Think about this: this year you’re flying to Thailand for holidays, next year you’re flying to Malaysia for holidays. And now think about this long term scenario: you’re flying to Thailand first and then simply take a bus over to Malaysia. This will not only save you money and time, you protect the environment. Everything that makes me happy!

4. You can really experience a country/live in a country for a longer time

Of course you can also experience a country while travelling short term but you definitely can’t have the experiences of working, whatever it might be, and actually living in a country. I was lucky enough to have that experience as an Aupair in Australia and I will collect some more experiences with a working holiday visa in New Zealand, an experience that is short term travellers denied.

5. You don’t need to decide for just one holiday destination a year

I’m incredibly bad at making descisions and even though I still have to decide for destinations on a long-term trip I can decide for many more destinations than I could on a short-term trip. Hip Hip Hooraay!

6. This is gonna be the time of your life, you make your dreams come true, you finally do what you want

This should be the most important reason: simply it’s fun and it’s what you always wanted to do so go for it and let this alone be your main reason for travelling long-term!



1.You need to save a lot

Of course you also need to save for short trips but for a long term trip you need to save a lot at once. It’s not an easy task but actually for me it was always easy to save for the biggest dream in my life.

2. You need time

For some people (like my dear business boyfriend) finding time is even harder than saving money. For me, as a student it was an easy task to find time and to go after finishing my studies and before starting a ‘real’ job but this also means that it will take longer untill I really start working and start my carreer.

3. You need to leave everything behind

Friends, family, your pet, your great flat, your belongings, maybe even your boyfriend (?) everyone consequently leaves something behind when travelling long-term. Some people (like me) don’t mind doing so others hesistate more but it’s always a bit hard to leave your life behind.

4. It’s a huge bureaucratic burden

I’m currently planning all this and there’s a lot that has to be considered when leaving for a longer time. I’m gonna share my experiences here soon but I’m not looking forwards to it.

5. You got no home

The world might become your home and you might have no problems at all with this fact but still this is a con of long term travelling.

6. You don’t have a  fixed income or security

This is a massive con of long term travelling and should not be underestimated! Having a security is always good and you might not know what to expect when coming home but life will always go on.

7. You have a gap in your cv

I don’t know if that’s only a big deal in Germany but here everyone goes nuts about the fact that someone could have a gab in its cv. Truth be told: it gets more and more a positive effect on your cv but still sometimes I hope this gab does not gonna be too bad.

The conclusion?

I might have found more cons than pros but this does definitely not mean one shouldn’t go. Just keep in mind that it’s a big step, that it tends to be ununsal and that you never know what to expect. BUT never, never ever let any cons keep you from travelling long term if you really want to!

If you, however, think now that long term travelling might not be the right thing for you then have a look at our pros and cons of short term travelling.