On travelling and weight

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travelling and weight

So, this one is not particular about travelling. More about a topic which is increasing and gets more and more attention nowadays on several travel blogs I do love. But this won’t be about me liking the direction plenty of travellers are taking. No, I don’t like it, and I’m going to explain to you why.

Travelling for me was always  a thing that didn’t have to do anything with weight or looks. Until now. Sadly. When I started doing more  than just travelling, as in writing about it, starting a blog and trying to increase my followers on Instagram, I kind of got a picture what you have to be when you want to be succesfull.

I don’t even want a lot of followers, as this is more for me, and just for me, what I’m doing. However, still some people are reading this stuff, and this topic annoyed me so much in the last months and today there was the final drop, which led me to writing this article.

So, when I found out one of my most beloved travelblogger’s started digging into the weight issue, to be honest, I was confused. She claimed that she had put on weight (I never saw that). At the point I thought okay, every girl knows that problem and how to deal with it. She later on posted articles about how she lost the weight and how she now stays healthy on the road. After a while she posted a picture of herself in a bikini with a note that she now has her badass body back after someone assaulted her she was too fat.

And here’s my point: When I started looking around, the Instagram accounts with plenty of followers do always look like models on their pics. They’re skinny and they’re perfectly tanned no matter what kind of bikini they wear. I’m not jealous. Believe me, I’m out of that stage. I love my body the way it is. But I haven’t found a girl that isn’t skinny like a model with tons of followers. If there’s one please enlighten me.

So, there’s the not perfect bikini body

The point is: there’s so much pressure from the outside that even women who claim that travelling made them strong, are giving in when it comes down to weight. What I always loved about travelling was that the looks and the weight didn’t mean a thing. It was cool to look like you really hiked up that mountain in your dirty shorts and sweaty top. Not in a long dress which is flowing perfectly in the wind. Do you get what I mean? Travelling is not like this. It’s about the opposite.

And we shouldn’t give a fuck about what we eat when we’re abroad. Hell yes, I want lots of Gelato, Pizza and Pasta when I’m in Italy. But I won’t get fat because of that. It should be obvious that you cannot eat everything and not put on weight. That’s why we’re active on the road. I walk every possible distance by foot, rather than taking a tram or bus. You can spare the money and you do something for yourself. BUT is there seriously a need to discuss this on our blogs? Is there a need to make girls like me feel uncomfortable because I’m not a freaking size zero? And for all of that, is there really the need to make travelling also a discipline where you have to watch everything you do and eat? If that works out for you, fine, but all I want is that we just let us women just be. We’re different, we have to deal with lots of pressure from the outside, on social media. You get thrown pics in your face of beautiful skinny girls standing in a jungle in a bikini, and yes, you know that this cannot be the reality – but it confuses us.

I want more reality – on blogs, on Instagram. Is it so hard to be just yourself? And not get beaten off for having 10pounds too much on your hips? You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and not having a flat stomach. Not everyone has to be skinny. And we, as women who get strong by travelling the world, should stand against people who make us feel like this. We should not go dieting when someone says we’re too fat, we should say „Leave me alone you sad lonely person. I’m happy with myself. If you’re not, unfollow. Bye!“

Never thought I’d upload this one, but here I am trying to be confident about my body

That’s what we really should do. We should use our strength to create an environment where every female traveller (and yes also you boys) feel comfortable to be like he or she is. There shouldn’t be pressure, as we started all travelling in order to get away from all this pressure of everyday life!

So I’m going to make a promise to all of you: I will not ever going to be that girl. No matter what will happen, I won’t let the pressure of being perfect get me down. Because, you cannot be perfect, and you never will be. I just want to be happy and explore the world, not giving a second thought about the clothes I’m wearing and if my stomach is flat enough.

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    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree. Travelling should be about travelling and not about looks and weight. But sadly this is not only an issue in the travel society, it’s the society in general.

      Gefällt mir

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