Four cities I didn’t like

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When you’re travelling a lot, especially to cities, you come across some places you just don’t like. It’s nothing against these one and I’m sure others love them. For me it’s just, when I get somewhere I either love it there or I don’t like it. There’s nothing in between.

04. Riga


I think me not liking Riga so much has a lot to do with the circumstances we had there. We were couchsurfing, and honestly the guy was just somehow off. I never felt good the time I spent there with him. We just didn’t get along and I projected that somehow to this city. Maybe I’ll give it someday another shot.

03. Cork


Everyone loves Cork. It’s the second biggest city in Ireland and yes, it does have beautiful places, but honestly? For me it was more like a dirty industrial city. Waterford was so much more beautiful than Cork.

02. Brussels


Ok, this one will probably no one get, but I just didn’t like it there. I mean, the Grote Markt is really beautiful, but that’s it for me. Ok, and the Atomium is also pretty cool, but the rest? Nah, I didn’t like it that much. It was just…. I don’t know I felt like the whole lot of Europe was pushed into one city. It was just too much.

01. Zagreb


Zagreb… that’s a pretty complicated topic. First of all, we had shitty weather. And you know, shitty weather always makes a city more ugly than it really is. Arriving there at the bus station (never saw such an ugly thing) in rain and being super cold.. yeah no. There are some nice spots in Zagreb, I’m sure of it. It just wasn’t like this „Wow, I’m in Zagreb now“-feeling like I have in other cities.

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  1. I had lived in Zagreb because I was there on Erasmus. And…well, of course right now I have just the good memories but it is a true that during my stay there I was pretty frustrated and I never said the city is nice. Well, it has cute historical city centre! It really has! Also I have started liked there sonme design shops (Croatian Design Super Store is really cool!) and I fell in love with some cafes and places. But if somebody ask me if is worthy to go to Zagreb I would tell him – go there, for one day, enjoy the city centre, have a good lunch and coffee there, visit Maximir Park…but no need to stay there for few days.

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    1. Hey, yeah I stayed there for a few days, but visited Plitvice from there, so I actually only spend one day in Zagreb. It was nice, but not like „OH MY GOD I NEED TO GO BACK“

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  2. And I would be happy if you visit my blog :) Well I have there no post from Zagreb but my first spot was from Rijeka, the only trip by the sea which I took during my stay in Zagreb :)

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