Spots not to miss in Helsinki

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Helsinki was one of the first places I travelled to with friends. This place stayed in my heart. And in celebration of 100 years of independence (which they’re celebrating this year), here are my spots in Helsinki I adore and think no one should miss out!

01. Senaatintori



The Senaatintori clearly is one of my favourites in Helsinki as it is the place where you can find one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. This spot always gives me feels like being home. Just walk up some steps and enjoy this place. You won’t regret it, believe me! Oh, and when there’s time – go inside :)

02. Suomenlinna



Suomenlinna is an old sea fortress right outside of Helsinki. The fortress consists of four islands which a connected by bridges. Ferries bring you to Suomenlinna, they belong to the public transport system in Helsinki. It’s easy to spend just one whole day there. It’s really calm out there and there are several spots where you can just sit down and watch the Baltic Sea.

03. Seurasaari


This is another island in Helsinki, which is open-air museum. You can either choose to buy a ticket and get access to the small houses on the island or leave it and just walk around the island for free. I did the free one, and it was super nice. I takes around two hours to walk around the island and there are several spots to have a picnic!

04. Munkkiniemi


I usually don’t name this spot to others but yes, this is one of the best spots in Helsinki. It’s rather outside the centre and you can take tram 4 (direction Munkkinimie) and just get off at the last stop. I only found out about this place because of a band called Sunrise Avenue and they have a song called „Monk Bay“ regarding to this place. So of course I had to see it myself, and yes it’s really beautiful there. Plus, there is a nice cafe.

05. Uspenski Cathedral


This one is just really cool looking with its golden onion dome. It’s the Orthodox church in Helsinki and it’s sticking out of the city skyline like the dome does. Make sure to stop by.

06. Kauppatori


The Kauppatori is the market square and also harbour where for example ferries to Suomenlinna depart, but also the big cruises are landing. In the most mornings there is a big market with fresh fruits, fish and vegetables. You can also buy souvenirs there and warm waffles and all this delicious stuff.

07. Linnanmäki


Linnanmäki is Helsinkis amusement park. It’s similiar to the one in Copenhagen or Stockholm. The entry is free but you have to pay for the rides, if you want to take one. It’s nice to explore. In October the always to a light carnival there, where the park is lit up and there’s plenty of fun stuff going on!

08. Kaivopuisto


This is just one of the many parks you can find in Helsinki. One of the things I really love about this city is that it is so green and you can always find a spot where you can just relax and feel like you’re not in a city.

09. Sibelius-Monument


I’m usually not a person who’s into monuments and all this stuff, but this one does really look cool, right?

10. Esplanadi


Just a nice walk down to Kauppatori, some expensive shops to your right and when it’s still there a Ben&Jerrys shop!

Stay adventurous!


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