Four cities you should visit in Holland

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The Netherlands, or as we Germans tend to say „Holland“, is not only about Amsterdam. I know, I know. Amsterdam is super duper cool. However, there are some other cities you should really consider visiting!

04 Groningen


Groningen is located in the North of Holland, it’s pretty close to the German boarder and only like two hours from where I live. So naturally, I’ve been there a few times. Groningen is perfect for a day-trip. They have cute little shops all around, the famous Grachten and the train station is absolutely beautiful!

03 Utrecht


I heard that Utrecht is the cooler Amsterdam. I don’t know about that one, but I really liked it there. It’s super duper easy to reach from Amsterdam, just with the train for example. The ride is super comfy, even though the train station is a bit confusing. Utrecht itself is beautiful and is famous for its flea and flower markets!

02 Rotterdam


Rotterdam, I guess I only went there because I wanted to see that bridge. Yeah, I know. But I was really surprised. Rotterdam is so much cooler than I thought, and it’s close to the sea. I really liked it there, and I guess I’ll return some day!

01 Den Haag

den haag

The Hague is something like the second capital of Holland I’d say. You can find the residence of Hollands King and Queen here. The Hague is a wonderful city with cute alleys and shops. However, I absolutey loved the fact that it’s so close to the sea that it has a beach! Scheveningen was my spot to fell in love with The Hague!

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