How to survive in a country with cyrillic

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Yes, this might sound weird to some of you, but for me cyrillic is a thing which is not easy to get over with. I’m mean I’m used to Arabic letters and that’s it. I better should not go to China or Japan :D

I think the biggest problem with countries using the cyrillic alphabet is that they don’t use that much English. I went to Sofia in 2014, and was head over heels for this trip until I found out about cyrillic.

Bulgaria is famous for its beaches and cheapness. I know it’s a big thing to go there and just party, but that’s just not for me. There are better ways to spend your money.


So when I booked the trip, I had no freaking idea about those letters I didn’t know. And when I learned about them, I sort of freaked out. To be honest, I was desperate to find any information in English. So not possible.

The public transport is not available in English, so I had to ask some of my friends. One of them knew russian (it’s similar to bulgarian) so she translated for me the stuff. Because how on earth should you know which busstop you should get off?

Sofia is located in the west of Bulgaria, surrounded with mountains. The airport itself is not really huge, but that’s fine. You will find an ATM there to get some money. At the small kiosks you can buy tickets for the bus. It’s 1bgn wich equals to 50 Cents (€). You have to buy an extra ticket when your baggage is a bit bigger, but hey for that price it’s manageable.


The bus stop is easy to find, it’s line 84 and you have to get off hat Orlov Most (Eagles Bridge) Орлов мост. I think it was like 18 stops from the airport, not sure anymore. Safest to count them ‚cause they don’t anounce stops in the bus. From there it’s pretty easy to find any hostel or hotel!

Sofia itself is rather easy to explore, but as it wasn’t easy to find any information about the city back then (don’t know if it changed in the last years), I try to provide you some infos.


Main attractions are the cathedrals, old town and the Eagle’s Bridge. As I went there for a concert (I know, I know) I wasn’t exploring that much. I remember that it was hard finding an english-speaking person. Gladly we did find someone who helped us out finding our way to the concert.


I think the biggest perk is that Bulgaria is a super cheap country, and when I say that I mean really cheap. We went from Friday to Sunday and didn’t spent 50€ and we were four girls. We had so much money left that we gifted it to some kind of charity thing at the airport :D

And one important thing: If someone offers you a ride, don’t think they will do it for free. Ask about that before you hop on. We made that mistake. It was okay in the end, but still a not so pleasant surprise. And watch out with the cabs. The same procedure, make a price before you go in.

And now,

stay adventurous!


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  1. Sofia is actually very far west in Bulgaria, not in the middle of the country. The Bulgarians are quite proud of their Cyrillic alphabet. Unlike the Latin alphabet, each letter has just one sound so it’s quite easy to learn. English is taught from a young age and many – particularly in the larger cities – do speak the language. It’s a wonderful country to explore and I encourage anyone to try.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! Noted and changed the info, sorry for that! I was back in 2014 in Sofia and for us it was hard to find English-speaking people to find our hostel. But maybe that was just bad luck :) And I didn’t want to discourage anyone, I was just writing about my experience. I will definitely come back one day to see more of this beautiful country! :)

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      1. So much of travel depends on serendipity – you might find yourself meeting a wonderful impromptu guide or you might be served by the worst waiter in the world – and chance inevitably colors your experience. Hope you do get a chance to return.

        Gefällt mir

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