Three Tours in Ireland

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I’m usually not the type for booked tours. Usually they’re too expensive and I really like to do it on my own. However, sometimes it’s easier to do a booked tour as you can get to places they’re not easy to acces with public transport or when you just don’t have the time.

I can highly recommend doing PaddyWaggon Tours in Ireland. In the following I will introduce you the three tours I did with them, what I liked and what I didn’t like about them.

01. West Cork & Kinsale

The Drombeg Stone Circle

The West Cork and Kinsale Tour was one of the coolest I’ve done. The group only consists of 15 people and the guide was super duper cool. Starting Point was Cork and we directly drove to Charles Fort in Kinsale. Entry was included in the tour price. We got there a tour and had some time to explore by ourselves. Afterwards we could explore the city of Kinsale. We then made a stop at the Old Head of Kinsale, which was the coolest I’ve seen until then in Ireland. The bus also made a stop at a beach as the weather was so good. We dipped our feet in the Atlantic Ocean. I don’t have to mention it was cold as hell. The next stop was at Timolegue and we then made a tour to the Drombeg Stone Circle. This one cleary paid out!

02. Cliffs of Moher

Nothing is better than being with a good group of friends

I don’t have to mention that the tour to the Cliffs was way bigger. But that was just Logical. We picked some up in Limerick. The ride was pretty long, but the landscape was so cool. It changed a lot during the ride. Our first stop was at the Baby Cliffs. They are located above the Cliffs of Moher. Afterwards we stopped for Lunch in Doolin and then we finally headed to the Cliffs of Moher. The initenary says you only have an hour there, however my memory tells me that we had more time there. I don’t know for sure anymore. I also know we were supposed to stop at some castle on the way back, but we didn’t because we were already late. If you’re short of time as I was this is the best thing you can do.

03. Kilkenny & Rock of Cashel

Always have some fun!

This is again a smaller tour of only fifteen people which is really nice. We directly drove to the Rock of Cashel, where we could explore it on our own. After that we drove to Kilkenny, which again we could explore on our own for like two hours. On the way back we made a stop near by Dungarvan which was really cool. We took an awesome picture there! Last stop was in Youghal (you pronounce that one like „Yawl“).

All in all the tours are mostly around 20-30€, and when you’re short of time and want to see as much as possible they are a good way to do it. I liked the smaller tours more, because they were more personal than the one to the Cliffs and we had too less time there.

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