One day in Luxembourg

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Wait, what? Luxembourg?! Wondering now where that is and what you can see there? Yep, many people forget Luxembourg but as also Bill Bryson knew (and who brought me to the idea of visiting Luxembourg) this little city is well worth a visit! Read here how you can explore this city in one day!

Old Town

And here we are again, a European city and we recommend visitng it’s old town. I guess it’s obvious now, isn’t it?



Palace of the Grand Dukes

If you walk around the Old Town you’ll find this beautiful palace.



Janna and I were lucky enough to visit Luxembourg city in autumn which turned the whole view over the Viaduct in a colorful landscape.


Chemin de la Corniche

You can’t leave Luxembourg without visiting Chemin de la Corniche! The view over the cute alleys down there is simply incredible and is one of my highlights in the whole of Europe!


Barrio Grund

Even though it’s quite steep you simply must get down at Chemin de la Corniche and walk around Barrio Grund where you’ll feel like in a different world. ‚Cute‘ is the underestimation of the year!





Luxembourg is quite small so one day is surely enough to visit this city. We thorougly enjoyed our time here. And do it in autumn, please! You will not regret it, I promise.

Stay adventurous,

Janna and Marlena

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