Four easy get-aways in Ostfriesland

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The region of Ostfriesland is located in Lower Saxony in Germany. It’s in the northern part of Lower Saxony. As I’m living here and was raised here, I have some nice places that you can be sure of not every traveller visits! These are the real hidden gems everyone’s talking about all the time!

04. Ewiges Meer


The everlasting sea as I would translate this one is located in Aurich. It’s one of the biggest highmoors in Germany. The entry is for free. It’s a 2km walk with some informational boards on the side.

03. Kirchturm von Suurhusen


Spare that Pisa thing. If you want to see a titled tower come to Suurhusen. This churchtower is the most titled tower in the whole world. Yes, we got that one. Cool, right? And I’d say only a few people in the world can say that they’ve been at the most titled tower in the world. And you won’t have the crowds you have in Pisa.

02. Pilsum Lighthouse


The Pilsum Lighthouse is the iconic Lighthouse standing for this region of Ostfriesland. It’s located by Norden in Krummhörn.

01. Castle Lütetsburg


The Castle of Lütetsburg is also located near by Norden. So you can combine it with the lighthouse. The castle itself is not open for visits, but it has got beautiful gardens you can explore.

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