One day in Prague

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Prague was Jannas and mine first travel experience and it probalby went more bad than good. But still Prague is one of our funniest trips (which we can say five years later :D) and we love to tell stories about that trip. Today we want to tell the story of how you can see Prague in one day.

Old Town

Is there anything better than exploring old towns in Europe? Probably not! And Prague’s old town is definitely one of the best ones in Europe!





Charles Bridge

There’s a cool spot down at the river where you can sit and have a nice view over the Charles Bridge. Marlena and me spent some quality time sitting there and enjoying the sun. But also you should walk over that bridge at least once even if it’s extremely crowded.



Prague Castle

The walk up gives you some great views over the city and you can take in how big it really is! You can also enter the castle for free and admire the colorful windows.



Town Hall and Astronomic Clock

Let’s be honest, the Astronomic Clock was my main reason for visiting Prague. The clock is huge, beautiful and kinda mysterious – just think of all the stories around that clock!



Dancing House

It truly doesn’t fit into the surroundings but at second glance, this house is pretty cool. Plus it’s close to the Charles Bridge so visiting the house doesn’t take too much time.


Golden Lane

Know before you go (as we didn’t and got disappointed): you can only enter the Golden Lane with the Prague card that costs something around 12 euros I think and that allows you entrance to many more tourist attractions. There’s no single ticket to the Golden Lane and as we didn’t know about the ticket and didn’t have time for the other attractions any more we skipped the Golden Lane, too. Check the tickets available, maybe they’ve changed it!

John Lennon Wall

For some this might be just a short photo stop, but I really loved checking out the lyrics and quotes that were written on the wall.

$R1DRY4F - Kopie

Even though we had three days in Prague, these are the most important sights (to us) you can easily squeeze into one day. Within three days, we found lots of other gems we’ll share soon!

Stay adventurous,

Janna and Marlena

PS: Please, forgive the poor picture quality, it was our first trip ever :D and it was back in 2012 when we didn’t know a thing about how to take better pictures and so on! :D


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