One day in Brussels

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Brussels – the city of fries, chocolate and a tiny statue of a peeing boy. Janna and I both spent 24 hours in Brussels and know how to make the best of your time there.


1. See the Grand Place


There’s a lot of great architecture in Europe but the Grand Place surely is one of the most impressive buildings in all of Europe. The only disadvantage is that you’ll never get the whole Grand Palace in one photo (but at least it’s super funny to watch the other people trying to do so).

2. Stroll around the Old Town


To get to the Grand Place you have to pass the Old Town but strolling a bit more around here never hurts, right?

3. Laugh about Manneken Pis (or wonder why it’s so tiny)


I probably did both at the same time and I still don’t know what’s more apropriate. If you liked Manneken Pis you can also visit Zinneke Pis (the peeing dog) and Jaenneke Pis (the female version of Manneken Pis – feminism at its best).

4. Drink a hot chocolate

My happy-food-face

The chocolate in Belgium is increcible. If it’s too hot for a hot chocolate then pralines or other chocolate treats are great, too!

5. Eat waffles


One of my favourite ever treats around the world are Belgian waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. There are so many endless possibilities for waffles in Brussels that they are reason enough for me to visit Brussels again one day!

6. Eat fries

To be really honest, the fries didn’t taste too different to the fries I know but hey, a day in Brussels is not complete without fries!

7. See The Royal Palace

8. Enjoy all the flowers at Serres Royales De Laeken

I unfortunately visited Brussels in winter but when it starts blooming this place must be incredible.

9. See St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral


10. Stroll along Parc du Cinquantenaire


11. See the Europe flags at the European Parliament

Well as long as they’re waving… I’m not so sure about Europe’s future :D

12. See the Atomium


You can go inside some of the atomium’s balls. I didn’t go and I didn’t miss too much but I guess the view is quite nice if you have good weather.

Stay adventurous,



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