Five underrated cities in Europe

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Europe’s cleary not all about Paris, London, Amsterdam or Budapest. Our continent gets so much to offer. We have like over 50 countries and so much diversity. There are a lot of places that are still pretty underestimated. I haven’t been everywhere in Europe, but I’ve seen plenty of places and cities here. So I thought I introduce you to five cities I think are highly underrated!

05. Vilnius


Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. The Baltics are still a part of Europe that isn’t that touristic. At least Vilnius is; Riga and Tallinn are more touristic. However, this place is great when you want to leave the masses of tourists and just explore a place. The oldtown will get you blown away, but also the cheapness of this place!

04. Sofia


A beautiful name for a beautiful city that I really want to re-visit someday. I’ve been in Bulgaria’s capital in 2014 during summer. Was hot as hell, but totally worth it. First of all, Sofia is like one of the cheapest places I’ve ever been. Second, you get beautiful old buildings. And last but least, there’s beautiful nature surrounding the city.

03. Bratislava


This one might not be that unknown to some of you. Slovakia’s capital really did it for me last year when I visited the city. It kinda has a small town athmosphere. The castle is as beautiful as the old town is. It’s a perfect destination for starting a round trip in the Balkans.

02. Ljubljana


Ljubljana, as complicated as the name may sound the city itself is easily to explore. Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. Accessible from either Croatia, Austria or Germany. It is rather a small town, but it made me love it in the very first seconds because of ist green lush.

01. Helsinki


Finland’s capital is becoming more and more prominent as it a cool, vibrant, young and modern city. I’ve been there for three times already and this feels like a second home to me. Ok, it shares this places with Ireland. Even though it’s not a low cost destination I gotta say it’s a great place and worth the money. Finland is just different, it’s more layed back, more nature and you get all of that in a capital.

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