What really annoys me about solo travelling

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‚Five reasons for travelling solo‘, ‚Why travelling solo is the best way of travelling‘, ‚Why you should definitely travel solo‘ – you probably all know these articles, popping up on facebook, twitter or your favourite travel blogs. It gets more and more a trend, especially for females, to travel solo and now I’m at the point where I feel like social media wants to force me to travel solo because otherwise I’m not a real traveller…Yet this is another social media travel moment where I just sit in front of my computer and scream at it ‚Stop that shit!‘. I totally get your point, really, but there’s a huge but in my eyes.

Yes, travelling solo is great, I tried it myself, but it’s only great to travel solo when no one else wants to or can accompany you.

What’s the point in turning your friends or your partner down just because you want to travel alone? Because the media told you?!

You’ve travelled quite a bit with your bestie, and had great moments on the road together. Or you prefer travelling with your boyfriend/husband etc., you enjoy those romantic evenings at the beach or the great dinners with wine you had together. Why swap that for loneliness?

I can understand that people prefer travelling alone when they and their travel buddies have different views on their holidays, I totally understand that if you always have to make compromises, you will start liking the idea of travelling on your own, I totally get that, really.

But I don’t get the point of ‚You need some time for yourself, you need to be lonely to find yourself‘ shit. There are, of course, lonely wolves out there that will always enjoy travelling solo over taking a trip with friends, but those people you don’t need to tell they have to travel solo.


And really, who wants to be lonely?! I guess no one.

I can also understand that many people think travelling solo helps you to meet new people on the road but then you’re not travelling solo anymore and isn’t that what you should do according to social media?

 and also, to be really honest, I travelled solo, I travelled with my travel buddy Janna and I travelled a lot with my boyfriend but when I travelled solo I made the less new friends on the road! Some people are introvert and don’t speek too much to others, so universalizing and sying that you’ll meet more new people when you travelling solo is not true.

And… what’s the reason for meeting other travellers on the road? To not be alone right? But why not go with a friend or a partner from the beginning to be not alone (and to meet cool people anyways)?!

So what I’m trying to say is that of course it’s not bad to travel solo but I’m A) totally annoyed by all the posts and travel bloggers that try to tell you you’re only cool if you travel alone (just to meet up with friends on the road and to travel with them then) and that you absolutely definitely inevitably have to travel solo to be a real adventurer  and B) every human is different and everyone travels differently. If you love travelling with your loved one then go get him and start travelling! But if it happens that no one is able to travel with you, then go anyways, even though it’s gonna be solo!

In the end I feel like all these posts tried to convey the right statement but failed somewhere: what I think should be the right statement about solo female travel is: if you want to travel then of course go, go go! No one and nothing can or should stop you! But if you’re happy with travelling with someone else then don’t change a thing just because someone said travelling solo is cooler (it’s like back in school, isn’t it?! ‚My shoes are cooler than yours‘ and all by a sudden everyone wants these shoes no matter if you liked them or not…).

Just freakin do whatever you want to. That’s how the headlines of all these travelling solo-posts should be.

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  1. Hi. I really appreciate this post. I am one of those people that loves solo traveling way better. However, you are on point when saying everyone travels differently and you should choose whatever way you want.
    I see pros and cons of traveling solo and traveling with others- and I do not think there is only one better way to travel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)
    Happy travels!

    Gefällt mir

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