10 Things you should do in Ireland

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Ireland is for many a dream destination. The green island located in the atlantic ocean is surely a dream to visit. I feel honored that I could even live there for a few months back in 2015. So, there are things you really should do when you’re in Ireland. I’m not saying they’re obligatory, ‚cause I haven’t seen all of Ireland in the months I’ve been there. But still some places and they’re so unique you should at least consider seeing them. And it’s also not all about places but also about food and other things you could do there!

10. Have a full Irish Breakfast 

This only landed on place ten because there are so many other great things you can do, but you will be sad if you don’t try. It’s so super duper delicious. My host family made this every sunday and gosh IT WAS HEAVEN. I mean, at first I was a bit sceptic. As a German you don’t usually eat sausages for breakfast, but I learned to love it immediately. What does it contain? Usually a fried egg, baked beans, bread, sausages, rushers, black and white Pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes and potato farl or potato boxty. At restaurants you usually also get some orange Juice, tea, coffee, irish cream and jam with it. It was one of the first things I ate in Ireland and one of the last I ate there. Gosh, now I could use some Irish Breakfast.

09. Experience St. Patricks Day in Ireland

Okay, this one is not always easily to experience. I had the chance to be in Ireland when St. Patricks Day was. Usually everything is really expensive around this holiday. But we got lucky. I spent the day in Dublin, watched the parade and it was really great. The athmosphere is just worth it. All the people celebrating Ireland, everything’s green and everyone’s in a good mood. So, if you get the chance, just do it!

08. Hitchhike

Let’s to be sure. You only hitchhike if you feel comfortable enough to get into that car. Trust your gut feeling! Honestly, I never really thought I would do that ever in my life. I’m not that girl. But on the night before St. Patricks Day where I wanted to take the bus to Cork it happend. I was standing at the bus stop, where suddenly a man walked up to me and offered to take me to Cork. First I was a bit freaked out but he seemed nice. And I just did it. When I was in the car, I was thinking „What the hell are u doing?“, but it turned out as one of the most pleasant experiences I made in Ireland. Because you know what? The people are just that friendly over there! Wouldn’t do that in Germany to be honest.

07. Do a Walking Tour in Cobh

Scenic right?

Ever done a Walking Tour? My first time was in Cobh. And it was so great! Cobh is a cute small town located at the coast, near to Cork. I don’t remember how much the tour was, but it must’ve been around 10-20€ I guess. We were just two girls and our guide walking through Cobh. He had amazing stories for us and gave us even discounts for the Titanic museum there.

06. Have a Guinness / Whiskey Tasting

You just can’t leave Ireland without having had a Guinnes ( or any other local beer) and a Whiskey. I did both. If you want to know more about the stuff, you definitely should try out a Whiskey Tasting at Jameson’s in Midleton! I really enjoyed it.

05. Visit the Killarney National Park

Ahh, those mountains!

Ireland itself offers great nature. It varies from North to South, from West to East. Killarney National Park is one of the National Parks you really want to visit. But only during high season okay? I did it in low season and that wasn’t the best idea I had. Still I got a glimpse of how beautiful it is there. There are beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls and Ladiesview! Killarney itself is a town that lives through the tourism there.

04. Hunt Irish history in Waterford

There are people who love Waterford or hate it, the same goes for Cork. I liked Waterford more. It’s the oldest City of Ireland, founded by the Vikings. You can still find their remains in the city. Also it is famous for its Crystal (not the drugs, okay? It’s glass!).

03. Kiss the Blarney Stone

Still don’t think it worked… :D

Kissing the Blarney Stone shall give you the gift of eloquence in speaking. I’m not quite sure if that worked out for me. However, this was a real cool thing to do. Blarney is a castle and it also does have beautiful gardens. So better come in spring where everything starts to bloom!

02. Have a picnic at the Old Head Of Kinsale 

Yes, this was in March!

The Old Head of Kinsale was a real surprise for me. As the name says you can find it in Kinsale. Which is also a great city to explore It is „just“ a cliff but the spot got me at first sight. It’s just perfect for a picnic in sunshine, to just lay back and enjoy the ocean.

01. Visit the Cliffs of Moher

Stunning, aren’t they?

You can’t leave Ireland without being there, right? RIGHT? At least I couldn’t. This was my MUST DO in Ireland. And yes they’re as stunning as you think they are. Honestly, I was speechless for a second. And then I was able to take they’re Beauty in. You won’t regret it. Promise!

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