A round the world-trip – the descision

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There are more ‚buts‘ than anything, more people telling you it’s silly what you’re up to than people encouraging you and so many fears… but still I decided for travelling long term around the world cause this is my freakin dream.

But was it an easy descision?



I believe that the descision of travelling long term and leaving everything behind depends on how much you actually leave behind. I guess that the greater your life at home is the less you wanna leave for such a journey. That does by far not mean that my life is shit because I decided for that trip without (much) hesistation but I simply don’t have that much I’d miss. I don’t have a pet, I don’t have my own house (or a flat with all the ‚cute details I love so much‘), I hardly see any of my friends, I love my family but don’t need to have them with me all the time, I don’t have the most amazing job in the world I could never leave so what holds me here?

One thing. My boyfriend. He’s the reason why I said without hesistation that I want to do this trip but then started thinking about it.

I already did a longer trip to Australia without him. The trip was amazing but I horribly missed him.

So there was just one way my round the world trip would work.

Convince him coming with me.

It wasn’t the easiest task as he has a bit more in life he would leave behind (such as his self-employment) but he said yes.

And from that time on I didn’t hesistate for a second to not do this trip.

Super simple, isn’t it?

I’m just about to finish my studies so that’s probably the perfect moment to do such a trip as my life changes anyways. I don’t need to quit a job (except for the student part-time job I would’ve quit anyways), it’s quite likely that I’ll change my location anyways and I’ll start all over again with no one of my old friends. This is exactly what I’ll do with this round the world trip so there’s literally no difference for me and no reason to start panicking and opting for the ‚familiar‘ instead as there won’t be anything familiar in my life anyways.

So what should keep me from spending my hard earned money on the road? Right, nothing!

So I’m gonna go for it, go as long as I’m having fun and as long as my funds will bring me. Cause jeez we’re working to get money to do what we want. As long as I can do that who could blame me? And for what? Having fun? Living? We should all get a bit more relaxed, enjoy different perspectives and other’s opinions and let them do whatever they want to as long as they can. And yes, I can.

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