One day in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen – Denmarks relaxing and cool capital. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a day in this city back in 2014 with great companions. We somehow managed to squeeze beautiful beaches and the vibrant capital into one weekend, so here’s my guide on how to see Copenhagen in one day!


Rent a bike

Our original plan was to rent a bike because everyone in Copenhagen goes everywhere by bike. Unfortunately, all bike shops around our accomodation (a campground that is closed meanwhile) were closed as there was a huuuge motorbike race in Copenhagen when we were there. But if you’re lucky to get a bike, then go for it! Makes it much less to walk.

See Nyhavn

You haven’t really been to Copenhagen if you haven’t been to Nyhavn, right? I’ve seldomly been to any more ’scandinavian‘ place and I could so much imagine some vikings arriving here with their boats. It’s a really beautiful place! Most of the houses here are restaurants – one of the few times I regret travelling on a budget.


See the town hall and nearby Tivoli

What made me love the town hall so much were these kind of dragons all around. I fond it quite charming.


Meet Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen wrote his fairy tales in Copenhagen and I can totally understand why. The town hall is located on the Hans Christian Andersen Boulevard and next to the town hall there’s his statue. Say hello to him!

Stroll along Ströget

From the town hall, you can make your way along Ströget, the shopping street of Copenhagen. It’s – of course – crowded but if you’d like to buy anything then Ströget is the right place to go!

See where the king resides

Cause castles are always cool, aren’t they? Head to Amalienborg if you want to imagine living like a king – or queen.

See Frederikskirke

Next to Amalienborg, there’s Frederikskirke, a quite impressive church I’m sure you don’t want to miss!


Visit the little mermaid

Okay, let’s be honest, the little mermaid is a huge disappointment but she somehow belongs to Copenhagen so I’d always recommend visiting her (just brace yourself for tons of tourists).


Walk around the Kastellet

If you’ve made your way to the little mermaid (which is a bit out of town), you should enjoy the walk at the Kastellet, an old fortress, from where you can look (a bit) over the city. I really loved that place.

Stroll along the harbour (and go for a swim?)

I was totally shocked when I saw that someone was jumping into the harbour to have a swim! Yeah, the Danes are quite relaxed. Even though I didn’t go for a swim there, walking around the harbour is pretty relaxing, too. Plus, from here you can see all the cool towers of Copenhagen (my favourite in this city): the towers of Vor Frelsers Kirke, Christianborg Slot and Stock exchange all look fairy tale like! You can actually climb up the tower of the Vor Frelsers Kirke. We didn’t but I’d love to do that now!



From the harbour, it’s not far to get to Christianshavn, a uniqe and colorful quarter of Copenhagen that is worth a visit!


Stay adventurous,



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