German Easter traditions you shouldn’t miss

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Easter is right around the corner and we wanted to share with you some typical German Easter tradition you shouldn’t miss out when you’re in Germany right now!

1 Coloring Easter Eggs


Eggs are a symbol of fertility, life and a new beginning. We color them in all kind of colors, but mostly bright ones as they’re symbolizing the spring. There are even some people who make real art out of it. Gifting colored eggs shall bring luck. So go ahead!

2 Bonfire


The „Osterfeuer“ as we call it here are generally not allowed anymore, but as it is a traditional thing we still get to do some. Nowadays they’re mostly used to burn the cut trees and bushes. However, it’s actually a way to get rid of bad spirits. Especially in Northern Germany and Scandinavia, too.

3 Easter Egg Hunt

It’s a lot of fun for children, of course. But it’s really a tradition to hide the colored Easter eggs in the garden (or in the house), and then have a hunt for all the hidden eggs. By the way, it’s the Easter Bunny who hides them. And don’t mess with him, he’s like Santa Clause for us!

And now: Happy Easter to all of you!

Stay adventurous!


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