Six facts about Sahara desert tours I wish I’d known before

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I always had a super romantic vision of the Sahara, endless sand dunes, camels, hidden oases and treasures to be found. Of course, this was not how reality looks like but there were quite a few things I wish I’d known before.


The good news:

  • If you book a budget tour, you really get a bargain. I paid 80€ for three days, including food (breakfast and dinner), accomodation, transport and all guided tours. Well that’s what I call a bargain!
  • You do not only get to see the desert but also the Atlas mountains, the desert town of Ourzazate and beautiful valleys (the itinerary might depend on the tour you’ve booked but I found out that all tours are quite similar)
  • The desert is truly incredible. The colour of the dunes is somewhere between yellow, orange and red, depending on the sun, the shades of the camel you’re sitting on tend to get bigger and bigger the later it gets, the untouched dunes look like a dream, the stars over you at night are breathtaking and the dumb silence in the desert is truly relaxing.





The bad news:

  • The sahara is quite far away from Morocco so in reality, the tour consisted mostly of sitting in a tour bus (without aircon)
  • Going in summer means that it’s gonna be incredible hot and that your actual camel ride in the desert can only take place when the sun is already setting (so that you don’t melt) but this unfortunately also means that you have less time to enjoy the desert
  • The ‚desert‘ as I always called it is not really a desert. We went to Erg Chebbi but to be honest this place was rather a sandpit than a desert. When we climbed up to the highest dune we could even see the city… I know, I know, of course they don’t bring tourists to the real Sahara but still

So there’s rely no denial that the places you visit on such a tour are really absolutely stunning but at some point I asked myself if it was really worth the long journey and if this is actually real or if everything is just a show for the tourists. I guess I wouldn’t do such a tour again but I’d love to visit the ‚real‘ Sahara again. Who knows…

Stay adventurous,


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