Barcelona in one day

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When I planned my day in Barcelona, it seemed like an impossible task to squeeze everything into one day. While I’m still sure that one day is not enough for Barcelona I somehow managed to see the most important sights and get a little taste of what Barcelona is like.


Barcelona is huge and the sights are quite widespread, so in the end I just hopped on a hop on hopp off bus which turned out to be the best time-saving option. Most of the time I just sat in the bus, enjoyed the views and listened to the explanations. I made some stops at

  • La Rambla, to enjoy all the booths and to enjoy some great food from Mercato Boqueria
  • Sagrada Familia because this church is too cool to skip (however, I did not queue to go inside)
  • Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, not to go inside but to enjoy the spectacular view over Barcelona
  • Park Güell to queue way too long and to be super annoyed by the huge amounts of people inside the park then (but still it’s worth a visit!)

What I couldn’t see as I was running out of time but what I’d loved to do:

  • walking around Barcelona’s Old Town and Gothic Quarter
  • going inside Casa Batllo and Sagrada Familia
  • taking nice photos because that wasn’t possible on the bus

To be honest, it wasn’t too much that I missed but most importantly I missed enjoying the city. I haven’t had time for a nice stroll along beautiful quarters, to enjoy the sun at the beach or to have a cocktail and some taps or paella.

To everyone who really only has one day to spend: do it! But to everyone who is planning a longer trip to Spain: take your time for Barcelona! It’s worth it!


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