The wind of change is blowing on our blog

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What a dramatic headline! I hope you start whistling now dü dü düüü dü dü dü dü düüü. Got an earworm now? Yes? Great! Then we can go on!

It’s a little more than a year now that we both started this blog and in this time a lot has changed. We started writing a little bit about our experiences, about funny stories and about what we did in certain cities and places. We drew our logo by ourselves, tried to make the most out of the free wordpress themes and tried to get a little attention.

At first, we were absolutely pleased, proud of our work and loved our new hobby. But then, a few months ago we made a decision: we wanted to make this blog better! First time we made something nice, now we want to make something great!

We both love travelling, we both love writing (maybe a little bit less at the moment as we’re hard working on our postgraduation papers), so why not combine these two passions and turn into a hobby? But even though it’s just a hobby for us we want to let it look a little bit more professional and try to inform other travellers and give tips wherever we can because that’s what we love to read from other travellers, too.

So we decided to design a new logo, make some great-looking pictures, to revise our posts to make them more informative and more fun to read aaand to start with some youtube videos when we will start our trip around the world in September. We really hope that some other people (hopefully you) will enjoy this change and of course our blog and maybe exchange their thoughts, experiences, stories and tips with us.

We’ll try our best to keep our blog, our affair of the heart, as amazing as possible and worth stopping by, reading and exchanging ideas. We’re definitely not gonna be one of these “Oh I think I want to become a travel blogger and want to get paid for doing this” people cause jeeesus there are way too many people out there trying (effortless) to do so. Instead we just would like to talk to some likeminded people and have fun! :-) And guys, we have A LOT of stories to tell!

Stay adventurous!

Janna & Marlena

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