Travel initerary – South/Easteurope

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Last summer I made a trip through South/Easteurope. It contained five countries and loads of adventures. Of course you can stretch your trip for more countries, but I’d like to say that this was a good two weeks trip and you seriously need the time for some of the places!

As I’m living in Germany, this was of course my starting point. RyanAir offers, as usual, good and cheap flights around Europe. We got a cheap flight (19,99€) from Berlin to Bratislava (one of my worst flights ever, but well). Bratislava is the capital of Slowakia and is a great option to start your trip.

You can stay there pretty cheap in summer hostels which are usually students homes. I think one night was around 10€, but I remember that we got a discount for whatever. But hey, never say no when you pay less than expected! Bratislava is a cute town with a sweet Old Town. Spend there at least one full day!

As we’re in Europe the best way to travel along is by bus. It’s the cheapest option and by far better to the environment then flying around. Yeah, I know, but still I try to use as much as possible alternatives to flying. Our next destination was Budapest. You could also first make a stop in Vienna, as it is only two hours away from Bratislava. However, we spared it this time, because Vienna itself is not a low budget destination.

For finding a good and cheap bus around Europe use or balkanviator. We found a good decent ride for under 20€ to Budapest. There we stayed for four days, again in the same sort of hostel as in Bratislava. Budapest is also quite more expensive than Bratislava. So check your options with public transport and other stuff. Budapest is easy to explore within two days I would say, however I liked the city so much, I was glad that I planned four days there. We also made a trip to suburb areas of Budapest, which is a great way to explore a little more of Hungary!

As  I like to plan my routes geographical logical, Zagreb was the next destination. However, the Southeastern part of Europe doesn’t always have the kind of connections with cities that are not even 200km away as I’d like to  have. It was a bit of confusing finding busses from Budapest to Zagreb. Orangeways drives two times per week from Budapest to Zagreb. I’d like to say that the ride was wonderful, but it wasn’t. But there was no other option.

Zagreb itself wasn’t too appealing to me, we stayed two days, in order to visit the Plitvice National Park. For this one you really need a full day! It’s better to have a bit more time than you need to explore, better safe than sorry! The busride was also under 20€

Busses from Zagreb to Ljubljana are also not driving that frequently. But good news. You can take Flixbus! Trustworthy and good drivers. The distance between the two cities is not too far, but however crossing boarders especially the Croatian one takes plenty of time. In Ljubljana we also stayed for two days as we intended to visit Lake Bled, which didn’t work (long story) out.

Finding a way from Ljubljana back to Germany was a bit of hassle, however I found busses from Ljubljana to Munich around 20€. Munich was the perfect end of this kind of trip. Of course there’s so much more to see, but you can’t fit the world into a two weeks trip :D

All in all the whole trip did cost us around 200€ (hostels, busses, flights, public transport and entry for the National Park) Not included here is the food we bought, plus other stuff. I really like doing trips around 200€ :D

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