#foodfriday – Ireland

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Yes, finally! Here comes the FOODFRIDAY from Ireland. The country I lived four months in. So, yes I know some nice food haha :D

  1. Irish Breakfast

This is, and will always be, my favourite food from Ireland. It’s probably very similar to the  English Breakfast. However, my hostfamily had every sunday morning traditional Irish Breakfast. It consists of sausages, baked beans, toast, rashers, black and white pudding, fried eggs and fried potatoes. When you’re at a restaurant there is also some orange juice, mushrooms and tomatoes with it.

2. Sheperd’s Pie

I ate this only two times while being in Ireland, but it’s super tasty! It’s minced meat with some vegetables and on top are mashed potatoes and cheese. All of it is baked in the oven! Yummy!!

3. Chicken Pie

A typical meal where you have chicken, veggies and cream in a pie. Too good to be true!

4. Christmas pudding

Same as in Great Britain I would say. Wasn’t my taste, but if you have the chance go and try it!

5. Scones

I loved Scones so so so much. They can be filled with fruits or not, they come with butter or with jam. Nam!

6. Guinness / Whiskey

Of course when in Ireland, you need to go in a Pub and have some Irish beer and of course some Whiskey. There’s no way going without having tasted it!


And when you’re staying with a Irish family, you will come to know that Irish people always eat potatoes. No matter what, they love ‚em!

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