Travel itinerary: Baltics & Scandinavia

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You fancy travelling through the Baltics & Scandinavia, but don’t know how to do it for a small budget? Lucky you, I tell you how to travel through countries like Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia for little money.

Two years ago we started our trip through the Baltics and Scandinavia in early September. Of course you can vary the travel time as you like, but watch out that it might get more expensive!

Starting our trip in Vilnius for 1,5 days. We flew via Bremen with RyanAir to Vilnius. Back then Lithuania still had its own currency, now they have Euro. I guess the price level is still the same. And the big plus for Vilnius is, it’s still a secret tip. You can visit some other places in Lithuania, too. Klaipeda shall be very beautiful as I heard!

But let’s talk about numbers: Flying to Vilnius from Bremen with RyanAir is around 25-30€. One night at a hostel in Vilnius costs around 10€ (we got upgraded and slept in a doubleroom for the same price at this hostel!). The bus from the airport to the city center should be around 1€ and Marlena and me only changed 15€ for the day in Vilnius. We even had some money left (we spent it mostly for food lol).

Going on a roundtrip means having another destination. Logical, that the next one is Riga! You can easily travel there by bus. We chose the SimpleExpress. They sell the first seats in their busses for 5€. Isn’t that cheap?! You travel in a very nice bus and have free wifi. Using the bus is way cheaper than flying! In my opinion, flying is totally unneccessary at such a small distance!

Staying in Riga with a couchsurfer. Saves you money for a hostel, but hostels shouldn’t be expensive over there. The currency is Euro, so you don’t have to change money. Whoop! However, Riga is a bit more expensive than Vilnius.

Travelling from Riga to Tallinn is also possible by bus. Look again for SimpleExpress as they are the cheapest in this area. When you get that special offer you travel to Tallinn for only 5€! Tallinn might be the most expensive countries in the Baltics, but still a laugh compared to Finland or Sweden. Look out for the hostel in the Old Town. There is a good and cheap supermarket around. It was 30€ for the three nights in a 4-dorm room.

Now, the best thing for going on this trip is – you can travel super duper cheap to Helsinki. Usually flights from Germany are around 100€ (return) and now I travelled by ferry to Helsinki from Tallinn for only effin 20€! You probably need to book in advance, as we did, but hello?! Also the ferry ride is only around 1 and 25hours (depending on the ferry you take) and then you’re in Finland. Did you know that the cities Helsinki and Tallinn are only 80km apart? Cool right?!

Staying in Helsinki is not cheap. We stayed there via Couchsurfing (it now costs 2€ which is ridiculous!), however there are also lots of AirBnbs around and the OmenaHotelli is also quite good. Transport is also pretty expensive there so bear in mind what you want to do and check your options!

A train ride from Helsinki to Turku can only cost you around 5€ when you book in advance! Trains in Finland are super comfy and come with WiFi. We surely enjoyed our ride! In Turku we again stayed via Couchsurfing, but we walked through the city. We even walked the 7km to the harbour.. :D

You can travel again by ferry from Turku to Stockholm. There are two options. Overnight ferries where you have to book a room to sleep in, or a day ferries. We choose the day ferry, it was cheaper – however I would now choose a overnight ferry. Because honestly you waste a whole day of your trip, as you start early in the morning and arrive in the evening in Stockholm. The ferry was also around 20€.

In Stockholm we stayed in a Hostel, but again spared the money for public transport and walked the whole lot. I love exploring cities by walking. RyanAir  offers pretty cheap flights from and to Stockholm. You can easily fetch a flight for only 10€ when you choose the right time. The only minus is that the bus to the airport costs 15€, but still it’s pretty cheap.

So let’s sum up: If you do it right and look for couches to crash on, or cheap hostels you can easily have your fix costs around 150-200€ for two weeks around the Baltics and Scandinavia. Of course you still have to buy some food and other things you might like to do, but this is really cheap for travelling through 5 countries!

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