#foodfriday – Finland

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Our #foodfriday is a very special day recommending you all the amazing food around the world. Finland is also a very special country for me. And so I will share some very good things about Finland!

First of all, I love Finland, and so come finnish chocolate and loads of other dishes.

  1. Fazer chocolate

This might be my favourite chocolate in the whole world. Fazer is not as sweet as German chocolate for example.Which I really like about it. They come in different flavours and they really taste good. Sadly, the chocolate is expensive because in Finland they pay taxes on sugar. But who cares when the chocolate is good right?! :D

Pic by Michelle :)

2. Pulla

These pastries are made of yeast and filled with blueberries for example. When I visited a friend in Finland, we made those. Gosh, they’re so delicious!


3. Korvapuusti

Also a pastry with cinnamon. You could also call them cinnamon rolls!

4. Piroggen

I think they’re my favourite of all times. You can also get them in Poland, the Baltics and Russia. There are different variations existing. The ones in Finland are made out of rye and filled with rice pudding or mashed potatoes for example. You can buy them nearly everywhere. Heat them up before eating! Makes them much better!

The sausage and the juice were also like heaven! And the pirogge! <3

5. Ruislepä

This is a bread also made with rye and has a whole in the middle. It is said that this one is really a favourite of Finns!

6. Berries

Blueberries, gooseberries and all the other yum stuff. You can easily pick them on a walk through a forest in Finland. Of course, in summer! ;)

7. Stew with mashed potatoes

I forgot the name of this meal. Our couchsurfing host cooked this one for us. It was meat with carrots and onions. And mashed potatoes. We put the mashed potatoes on our plate and then made a whole in the middle where we put the stew. Gosh, that was so super duper delicious!

8. Finnish pancakes

Another meal our CS-host cooked for us. These were super thin pancakes filled with some cheese and meat. They were baked with cheese on top in the oven. YUMMY!

9. Lakritsi!

Licorice is also a finnish favourite. I don’t really like it, so I passed this one. Pssst. The even have licorice ice-cream. So, if you’re into it you are totally right in Finland!

10. Venision

Had to google that hahah. Of course in countries like Finland, they eat reindeer meat for example. Also there’s a lot of fish in plenty of dishes.


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