What you need to know when visiting the Blue Mountains

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If there was one place in Australia I wasn’t too keen to visit it was the Blue Mountains National Park near Sydney. In the end, I had some time left in Sydney and decided to go for a day. Thank god I did! This turned out to be one of my best days in Australia!


I started in Katoomba, crossed the town (by foot, of course, even if there are busses going) and went to the Three Sisters. I arrived in the morning and there was still some fog in the valley and around the trees. This view was truly priceless and probably the moment I fell in love with the Blue Mountains.


From here, I started the signposted walk that brought me to several viewpoints. However, I didn’t spend too much time around the Three Sisters but went to Wentworth Falls (which has its own train station). And here, also, I followed the walk, did some detours for some great viewpoints and simply enjoyed the day and the spectacular views.

My absolute highlight was, of course, Wentworth Falls; probably the biggest waterfall I’ve ever seen in my life (so far). The walk here was suuuper cool as I walked OVER the waterfall and then went downstairs to get a little refreshment.



I actually went without a plan and without expectaion and maybe that’s why I loved this day and the landscape so much. I really really want to go again and to do some more walking here as there’s muuuuch more to see! Untill then, I will dream about this beautiful landscape and recommend it to everyone asking (or not).

Do it yourself (as you really don’t need to book any overpriced tour!)

  • Before you go, get an oyster card for Sydney public transport as it’ll get cheaper then
  • If possible, go on Sunday as you only pay 2$ (I think?) for the whole day on public transport with an oyster card
  • Catch the train to Katoomba (Blue Mountains line) and get out at Katoomba if you want to visit the Three Sisters or get out at Wentworth Falls if you want to visit, surprise, Wentworth falls (when in doubt visit the tourist information desk at the Three Sisters, they will give you information on where to go and where to get out of train)
  • The first train goes at five or six o’clock and the last one at night time, so a daytrip is absolutely doable
  • However, if you want to stay longer than a day (which is what I’ll do next time) there are several hostels in Katoomba
  • just GO! I went withouth a plan and managed to see so many beautiful places!


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