#foodfriday – Austria

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Grüatzi! For me as a German it’s always a pleasure to come to Austria as I love this accent! Oh and besides the accent it’s also a pleasure cause there’s so much great food! Yum!

1. Schnitzel

It’s also a traditional German dish but everytime I’m in Vienna I can’t wait to enjoy a great Schnitzel. I’m lucky enough to have some friends in Vienna and they make fabulous Schnitzel!

2. Wiener Melange


Everyone will now scream „How could she drink a Melange at Tchibo when in Vienna?!“ and I can tell you I thought the same. But I asked a local for the best Melange in town and she answered „Tchibo“ (a bit embarassed, too). I funnily pronounced the Melange differently and of course everyone made fun of me but hey, I can laugh about it, too. Oh and actually, I’m now dreaming of drinking a Melange in a coffeehouse, just to see if Tchibo is really better. ;-)

3. Sachertorte

I had my piece of Sachertorte at Castle Schönbrunn simply because I have to try whilst in Austria. To be honest, I didn’t like it too much due to the apricot jam filling but that does BY FAR not mean that the cake was bad!

4. Mozartkugeln


Mozartkugeln are chocolate balls filled with marzipan. As I usually don’t like marzipan, but wanted to try Mozartkugeln still, I looked for the tiniest package and found one with three Mozartkugeln. I was in Salzburg with my boyfried so we decided that I’ll get one to try and that he’ll get the two others. But when I tried my Mozartkugel I realised that I actually like marzipan… so in the end I stole my boyfriend (who couldn’t believe at all that I don’t like marzipan) his second Mozartkugeln and bought a whole bag of Mozartkugeln afterwards.


Oh yum, this scrambled pancake is one of my favourite Austrian dishes.

Cheese and Ham

Especially when you’re in the Alps make sure to get some smoked ham and some great cheese, such as Appenzeller. My boyfriend always gets some cheese and ham when he’s down there for skiing and I can’t wait for the cheese and ham to arrive… and my boyfriend as well.;-)


Everytime I’m in Vienna I buy some Manner waffles in the store next to the Stephanskirche.

I feel like I missed some Austrian food, do you have any other recommendations?

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