#foodfriday: Malta

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Malta surely is no contry everyone has some food associations with. But if you’re a foodie like me you’ll also find some great local food on this tiny island.Ftira


Yes, some countries do reinvent pizza. And Malta’s attempt which ended in an Ftira was a success! It’s not a typical Italian pizza dough but rather a sourdough with the classic hole in the middle. It looks funny and it’s also super delicious!


It’s another typical Maltese dish, however, I didn’t try it (didn’t dare to). Anyone else did and can tell me if it was a mistake not to try?


What, pasta? Isn’t that a typical Italian dish? Yes right of course. But Malta is not far away from Italy so of course there’s some Italian impact on the Maltese kitchen (just look at the Ftira). You’ll find either traditional noodle dishes or some Maltese compositions such as „Fried Carbonara“ or Ravioli filled with Gozo cheese, my next point.


Gozo cheese

This cheese is traditionally goat cheese or sheep cheese and super delicious.


When I first tried this I had absolutely no idea what I am eating. But my excellent taste buds (as well as some research afterwards) lead me to the right path: Bigilla is basically mashed white beans with some spices. So worth a try!

Maltese sausage

It’s pretty similar to sausages from other countries, but every country has it’s sausage secret, hasn’t it?


Of course if you’re a fishlover like me (and if you live nowhere near the coast) Malta is a feast for you!

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