One day in Amsterdam

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After my trip around Holland’s beautiful tulip fields (read more about it here) it of course was time to visit the cool capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. Even if I only had a day for the city I could visit everything I wanted to.


In my opinion, there are seven obligatory things to do in Amsterdam (I could’t do them all but that gives me another reason to come back and visit again):

Strolling around the alleys and canals

Well if you missed this one I might ask you if you haven’t been to Amsterdam at all! The canals, bridges, old houses and bikes surley make Amsterdam postcard pretty!


Try cheese

I simply love cheese. You could even call me cheese-addict which made me soo excided to finally visit the cheese-capital Amsterdam!


You can try lots of different cheese either in the I AMsterdam souvenir shop or in the cheese museum – the great Van Antje photowall however you’ll find in the cheese museum only. Oh and the cheese museum is for free, so make sure to visit!

Try fries

Fries are supposed to be super special and super delicious here, but to be honest I didn’t feel like they taste different to the ones back home. Maybe it was because I had my fries at a shop called Manneken Piis (and we all know this guy’s not from Holland…)?

Admire wooden clogs

Nothing to add. They’re just simply cool.



Wander through Amsterdam’s red light quarter

I don’t know why this one was/is on my list as prostitution is nothing to „like“. However, sex kind of belongs to Amsterdam like the tulips so I felt like walking around the Moulin Rouge district is something I shouldn’t miss.

Visiting the Anne Frank House

I was standing in front of this building but it was not the extremely long queue that kept me from visiting but that I didn’t want to experience anything sad in this moment (and actually I’m German which means that I know a lot about this crucial part of our history).

Visiting the Van Gogh Museum

He might’ve been the Netherland’s most famous painter and I still feel bad enough for not visiting his museum but going to the sex museum instead (a terrible choice by the way – just because Amsterdam is famous for sex doesn’t mean that this museum is informative or entertaining or anything else but… well not so nice). Next time I pick the „right“ one.

Well, these might be the most prominent things to do in Amsterdam, is there anything you would recommend for my next time? Whenever it ist? :-)

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