Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017

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Another year is over, another year of travelling and exploring now comes to end. Time to make a journey through our travel-year, and of what is going to happen in 2017. Are you excited? BECAUSE WE ARE!

2016 wasn’t a year which was filled with lots of travelling  for both of us – sadly. However, there was more than just one reason for it. First of all, university had its priority  as we had a practical semester where we worked in school. So there was less spare time to use for travelling. Well, that’s how life is. The second reason? We both are massively saving money…. for what? You’ll have to wait a little bit for the answer :D

However, I (Janna) still made a few exploring steps around new countries. My trip in summer was my only bigger one this year, and I really loved it. It gave me a taste why I love travelling for longer time and especially travelling to more than one place in a specific time. My favourite places where Budapest (finally!!!), Plitvice and Ljubljana. Oh, I love travelling around Europe.

Besides travelling through Europe, I made some other wishes come true. I finally visited Marlena in the Harz Mountains. So so beautiful! :) And I visited some places in my home area I wanted for such a long time (Pilsum Lighthouse, Castle Lütetsburg, Leaning Tower of Suurhusen). Another favourite of mine was my short stay in Den Haag, as I can now say I’ve seen plenty of places in Holland. Also, I finally visited Munich this year, and yaaay that was also very good!

I, Marlena, decided to go back to where it all started: Italy. It’s probably the country I love most (besides Switzerland) because my first trip with our Volkswagen T5 bus was to Italy via Switzerland (I definitely have to tell you about this one) and, to be honest, the country with the best flight deals for the time of our holidays. It was just a quick re-visit with some new places that couldn’t satisfy me completely, but hey, which journey can do that?! But hey, I had a good reason to keep my trips little this year…

So, what is going to happen in 2017 you wonder now? We both will be finishing university (finally). So we won’t have too much time in the first half of the year for travelling. However, there are meet-ups planned, maybe a roadtrip through Germany… and I (Janna) really would like to finally see something of Italy. But I’ll see. As much as I learned, travel plans never end the way I want them to end up.

BUT here’s the answer to reason number two. We are in a big saving mode, because we two want to travel the world. Okay, we’re three, but just the two of us are writing this blog, haha. Marlena and Marc will fly in September to Mexico and start their adventure there (YES, YES, YES, we FINALLY booked our flights and just two weeks after hitting the „book“ button I’m totally going crazy CAUSE I BOOKED A ONE WAY TICKET TO MEXICO!!!!!!!!). I will join them in October in New York. Hopefully another friend wants to join us too. Let’s see how things will work out.

In the coming weeks and months we will share every step we take in order to plan our trip around the world. You’re going to read a lot about gear, visas, documents, insurances and which countries we choose and maybe even how we finance all of this (or better not, haha). And when we finally be away, we will of course keep you on track about how things work out.

I’m really excited!! :D

And me, too!

Have a great 2017, we surely will!

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