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Guys! Why did noone tell us that we have missed Germany on our foodfriday?! I can’t believe we forgot Germany as we have A LOT of things to recommend (especially during Christmas season!). So if you want to get an insight into 23/24 years of foodie experience in Germany then read this post!


This kind of pastry has several names (I know it as Berliner) and is filled with all delicious things you can think of: jam, vanilla custard, cream, egg nogg… especially for New Year’s Eve the fillings get crazy! Make sure to try one, you won’t be disappointed!

Bouletten/Frikadellen/Fleischpflanzerl (meatballs)

Okay, when I thought about this point I got so hungry that I went into my kitchen to get some food. :D This is one of my favourite German food!


This will come without surprise. Everyone told me that German sausages are the best but to be honest I don’t like them too much. However, a bratwurst at a barbecue is how you do it if you’re German. Oh, and don’t think they’re the same as usual sausages. They are different :D


Currywurst is THE food when you’re in Berlin for example. Make sure to grab some. It is a Bratwurst cut into pieces with a spicy sauce.

Brezeln (pretzels)


The more south you get, the better the pretzels will be (which makes me curse my northern home regularly)! But don’t even dare to get rid of the salt!!! (Well, even Germans do that but I belong to the leave your salt on the pretzel persons!)

Brot (bread)

Germany is THE contry for bread and every German who as lived abroad for some time will agree that you’ll only find great bread here. Make sure to eat some great fresh bread with just butter on it and go to bread heaven. And try all the different types. Especially Schwarzbrot! :)


Did you think Döner is Turkish? Noo it’s not (okay okay, it actually is but every German calls Döner a typical German food and you’ll find it EVERYWHERE to my delight)! You can either spice this dish up or order it, as I do, without onions and without spicy sauce. Usually you can also choose between veal, beef or chicken for your Döner but cool as I am I always order my Döner with every kind of meat!

Harzer Käse

Some people love it, some (like me) absolutely hate it! It’s a reaaaaaaally tasty (and smelly) cheese, but also it’s really light in fat.

Fischbrötchen (fish roll)

It doesn’t sound too good after translating so let me explain: a fish roll is basically a roll filled with all different kinds of fish (my favourite is the crab roll) and usually some majonnaise, salad and/or onions.You’ll mostly get them at the coast; however there are fish rolls offered all around Germany but the ones at the coast are the best (and freshes obviously)

Gebrannte Mandeln (burned or sugared almonds)

I might be the luckiest girl on the whole planet as my dad started making these almonds a couple of years ago by himself. Gosh they’re pure heaven! If you’re unlucky and your dad cannot make those almonds then head for any Christmas market around. They also sell them at any fair going on! :)

Kartoffelgratain (potato bake)

Potatoes itself are one of the most German food and my favourite is definitely potato bake! Yum yum yum!

Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)

As Germans we love everything with potatoes and everything where plenty of carbs are inside of it. So of course we eat potato salad! Tradition says we love to eat it on christmas eve, and I surely did!

…basically everything related to potatoes!

Kohl und Kraut (cabbage and herb)

When I arrived in Australia my host mum gave me a tin of Sauerkraut saying that I surely must miss this traditional German dish (and laughing when saying). Well it’s not that bad but when you have the chance to try some Sauerkraut or cabbage such as „Rotkohl“ then go for it!

Lebkuchen (ginger bread)

There are various kinds of Lebkuchen but I love the Elisenlebkuchen from Nuremberg the most!

Ostfriesentee / Schwarzer Tee (Black tea)

I live in a region of Germany where we drink the most Black Tea in the whole world! Yep, black tea is something I drink to nearly every meal some tea, and in between of course too!

Plätzchen (christmas cookies)

There are thousands of different Plätzchen and I make several ones every year – probably the best thing about christmas. :-)


Many many people get out their raclette for New Year’s Eve and if you have the chance to do a Raclette, then DO IT! It’s like a tiny oven you put on the table, then you get little pans you can fill with veggies, meat, cheese and so on and then put it in the Raclette and wait till the cheese melts! Oh I’m so lucky that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner!


Yes, you might think that this is a thing from Vienna, and you’re right, but Schnitzel is also a typical German dish. We usually make it with pork and the secret is to get the meat REAL REAL thin! The Harz version would be a „Blaubeerschmandschnitel“ a Schnitzel wieh a yum and hearty and thick blueberry sauce!

Schweinebraten (roast pork)


This is another southern specialty and I’m super happy that my boyfriend can make this dish. Spätler or Knöpfle are a special kind of noodles (just not as thin as the italian ones) and traditionally they’re served with fried onions and cheese. Yum in my tum!


… So, I’m sure that we forgot some great food (cause it’s simply too much) but just let us tell you: there’s a lot of great food in Germany so come and visit!



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