What you need to know when visiting the Allhambra

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Back in 2013 I went on a cruise with my grandpa and our first stop was Almeria, a cute Spanish town not so far away from Granada, the home of the world-famous Allhambra. Of course, trips to the Alhambra were offered; however, my grandpa was not in the pysical constitution for this trip. „Never mind, I’ll come back some day!“ And I did. Two years later, it was time for a short Andalusia trip where I simply couldn’t miss the Allhambra!

If only I knew before how complicated visitng the Allhambra is (that’s why I’m telling you now)! I wanted to book the tickets beforehands and when I did so I A) realised that it’s essential to book your tickets beforehands and B) that all the tickets for the day that I would be in Granada were sold off. Three weeks before my visit! IN OFF SEASON! After a nervous breakdown and some tears I found an alternative ticket, but visiting the world famous Palace of the Nasrides was not possible for me. So learn from my mistake and book as early as possible!!!

Oh and actually, „finding an alternative ticket“ is by far not as easy as it sounds! Booking tickets, or rather deciding for the one you want might be one of the most confusing things in the world of travelling. I wanted to book the General Admission Ticket for the gardens  and the Palaces of Alcazaba and the Nasrides; as this one was sold out I ended booking the one for the gardens only. Furthermore you have to decide at what time you wanna go (I’m not kidding!): for the Palace of the Nasrides you have to pick a certain hour, for the rest you can either choose morning or afternoon.


Once you thought that after buying and deciding for the right ticket the confusion will stop I can tell you: you’re wrong. Finding the right entrance to the Allhambra is almost exactly as confusion as buying the tickets! There are too many queues for too many counters so in the end I just stood there a bit lost and waited till a nice lady who was working at the Allhambra came and helped me (alternatively: asking would’ve done it, too).

And then, finally, my Allhambra adventure started. At first, the Gardens were just a consolation plaster to me but then, when I entered, I very soon found out that I was SO wrong! The gardens are a true pleasure to everyone visitng. It would’ve been such a waste to not visit the gardens! And furthermore, you got a fantastic view on the Alhambra from the gardens!




After the gardens it was time for the palaces of the Allhambra: Alcazaba was included in my garden ticket fortunately. From here, I could spot the Palace of the Nasrides from outside, but what was even better was the view over Granada’s old town.


So even if I was disappointed at first that I didn’t get the ticket I wanted my visit turned out to be as great as I could’ve wished for. Oh and also don’t forget to visit Granada itself if you’re here! There are some true gems waiting in the alley of the city that is so famous for the Allhambra. I’m sure that everyone who will visit Granada and the Allhambra will have a fantastic time, and if you book early enough you’re visit will be perfect! :-)


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