#foodfriday – Spain

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Hola! This week we’re letting you dream of sunny Spain, another country of great food!


Yes I should start with the most important Spanish delight: wine with fresh fruit. A dream! (And definitely makes every Spanish night a bit better)



Oh. Dear. Lord. Did you ever had a really good paella? If yes, then you might start crying now cause you don’t have a good paella in front of you. Paella here tastes better than everywhere else! I just go crying now because I don’t have any paella in front of me. :-(


Loads of little dishes – this sounds like a dream to every food lover (and sure is!). My faves are dates in bacon coat, gazpacho (a cold tomato soup), all kinds of meat or seafood, dips, potatoes, chorizo, grissini… well actually everyone’s my fave!


And again we’re at this point where I realise that I love seafood but live in the middle of Germany far away from every sea so it’s hard for me to ever enjoy good seafod. When I was in Spain I actually bought 2 kg of prawns to eat them with my by. :D And it was a pleasure!



Do you love garlic? Then try this mayonnaise-like cream with loads of garlic in it! Just make sure that you don’t meet ANY people afterwards…

Mercat de la Boqueria

When you’re in Barcelona, make sure to go to this market hall for the greatest kinds of food! Especially the juices here are delicious!

Yes, my bf has the pink drink, but to his defense: it was dragon fruit juice!!!

Almond milk

I tried this sweet temptation on Mallorca and can’t recommend you enough to try this! It’s ice cold and like a slushi but so super sweet and refreshing that you don’t want to dring anything else again!


Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum.

All kind of fruit and veggies

I don’t know about other countries but in Germany the quality of fruit and vegetables is unbelievably poor. So when I was in Spain I ate as much fresh and sun-ripened fruit and veggies as possible! Oh those figs and olives and tomatoes and garlic… I’m crying again.

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