London on a budget

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And here we are. Another expensive city within Europe you don’t want to miss but don’t want to spend a fortune in. If you need some inspiration on how to save a bit in London, then I warmly welcome you here!Saving on accomodation

Go in off-season

If possible, then don’t go in peak-season! I checked prices and found out that the hostel I was sleeping in during off season was suddenly 25€ a night while I paid 10€ in october! If possible, then go during off-season!

Sleep outside the city centre

As said, my hostel was quite cheap, however, a bit outside. So what? Chances are quite likely that you need a ticket for public transport anyways so sleeping a bit outside may pay off.

Saving on transportation

Get a day pass for public transport

I don’t remember the correct fares but I do remember that a day pass was cheaper than two single rides so well, you’ll definitely need public transport at some point in London.

Don’t fly into Heathrow

Unless you’re from overseas, Stansted, Luton or Gatwick are always the cheaper option as all the low budget airlines go here. I flew with Ryanair for 20€ which by now can even be considered „expensive“ as you will find flights for less than 10€ to London if you’re checking these airports.

Book a bus from the airport to the city centre beforehands

I only know about Stansted where I booked with easybus a transport from the airport to the city for as little as 3£ ! If I had booked at the counter itself it would’ve been much more expensive! So do your research before and save!

Saving on food

Camden Markets


Here are tons of food booths and almost everywhere you can try their specialties. Either be a badass and just try everything and be full in the end or invest 4£ for a huge bowl of everything you want (yes, you can actually mix all the dishes of the booths!) which will make your tummy so happy!

Eating out away from the tourist spots

When I was in London trying Fish and Chips was inevitably for me but I didn’t want to spend a fortune for it. I found a nice little takeway a bit outside („somewhere“ near Baker Street) where I paid half the amount for a huge plate of Fish and Chips than right in the centre. And of course it was delicious, too!

Grocery shops

Throughout the day grocery shops were my best friend – especially all the sandwiches they had to offer. Yum and cheap!

Saving on trips

Ceremony of the keys

I don’t know why I didn’t go there but a friend told me about it. Every night the gate of the Tower of London gets locked and you can watch this ceremony for free – you just have to sign for it beforehands.

Museum of London

A good option for a rainy day in London. :-)

Walking around the city

Yes, guess what, walking around the city and marvel at all the fabulous buildings (from the outside) is also for free! And deeeefinitely worth it in England’s capital!




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