#foodfriday – France

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When I was talking to my Mum who still speaks a bit French recently and realised that the only French words I know (besides „I don’t speak French“ in french) are Baguette, Croissaint and Crepe. Well this was the moment I realised the next #foodfriday should take us to France!Croissant


Yum yum yum! I’ve eaten many many croissants in Germany and several other countries but I can summarize the difference between a normal croissant and a French croissant in one sentence: You don’t need to order butter in France for your croissant. Oh that’s so yum!


You get loaded baguettes with lots of deliciousness all around Paris. Baguettes were a great street food that saved me during the day and saved my budget. ;)


Aaaah my favourite French food! I couldn’t get enough of the super thin pancake served with either sweet or hearty (I rather order the first) filling during my time in Paris.



I wanted to try these sweets for such a long time and when I was in Paris, the Macaron-capital I couldn’t resist! They’re extremely pricey, unfortunately, but also super delicious! I bought a package of 6 Macarons for 5€ at a kiosk which was a true bargain.

Tarte flammbé

This one is real prominent in the Alsace region; however, I’ve never eaten one in France but only had selfmade ones instead. I love them so I’m sure the ones in France are fabulous!

Cafe au Lait

For all the coffee junkies out there. :-)


I love chesee (probably as almost every other person on earth?!) so France was like heaven to me! Camembert, Brie, Chaumes, Coulummiers, Roquefort, … I should stop now.

Mousse au Chocolat, Creme Brulee and Tarte

Whoever invented these treats was a pure genius!


Probably the best sweet bread I know.

Ratatouille, Coq au vin and co

Going to a restaurant for dinner is of course pretty popular in France, sure pretty tasty but unfortunately also pretty expensive. So guess what I didn’t go to any restuarant and kept the joy of having a great Coq au vin for my next France trip.

Anything else I should look forwards to eat next time in France?

Au revoir, Marlena (yey, another French word I know!)

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