Five years of travelling and one year of adventure in my backpack

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Happy Birthday to our blog, happy birthday to ooooour blog, happy birthday, dear adventure in my backpack, happy birthdaaay tooooo yooooou! Today a year ago, we started our little travel blog adventure in my backpack, to tell our friends about our adventures, to maybe give some other travellers some tips and connect with other travellers and also as a little „trophy“ to ourselves we both like to look at.As birthdays probably make everyone a bit nostalgic we decided to talk a bit about our last five years of travelling and about our first year of blogging.

What has happened in the life of Janna?

In 2011, I moved from Jever to Braunschweig. I still think this is a huge turning point in my life. I finally was free, living the big city life (yes for me this was a big city), and I met Marlena. Beforehand, I already travelled to a few places like Denmark, England, Ireland and Holland. However, when Marlena and me started getting to know each other we came pretty fast to the conclusion – we share this passion of travelling. Studying English (this decision was more like oh, there are no restrictions when you study English and History… oh so there you have your spot in uni) was and still is the best decision I made. Becoming a teacher was a wish that only formed in me a few years ago, but yes this is my dream job.

So, when you study English in Germany it’s obligatory to go abroad for at least three months to an english-speaking country. That’s why I went to Ireland for nearly four months, had lots of experiences and fun. The best thing about it was living permanently in another country. This makes your experience about culture and just living there so much more nicer than just being there for a few days. Going to Ireland changed me a lot, I’ve become more adultry I guess, but it also made me long for another long-term stay in another country. It made me long for long-term travelling, the benefits of actually living in a country and having time to explore and maybe even visit places twice.

Blogging for adventureinmybackpack made me reflect my experiences on a different level. I try to give advice and also show the beauty of places I visited to others in the world wide web. I love thinking about where I might go next, especially concerning our trip around the world next year. I’m also a passionate planning person. However, I try to avoid that for ATW. I reaaaaally want to see how it is to decide what’s the best and cheapest option for the moment. We’ll see how that will go.

So, in five years of travelling I’ve been to 23 countries. Marlena is well ahead of me. She’s gone a bit crazy :D However, I think, that even only have been to 23 countries until now, I’ve got a great experience. Sadly limited to Europe, but you know what? Europe has such a great diversity, it’s amazing! But the most important thing I’ve learned from plenty of trips is that I don’t want to rush things and take my time. I did that mistake with some cities and now I long to visit them again, because I haven’t made all out of my trip I could’ve.

In conclusion, this means for me. I like to take more time for a city (when it’s necessary) and visit less, but at least I had a full experience! :)

And what happened to Marlena?

Five years ago I had just started my studies. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a teacher but until applying I simply had no idea what subjects for. I still can’t remember exactly why I chose English in the end but this descision probably was one of the best things I could’ve done to fulfil my other dream of travelling the world. Why? Because I had to take an obligatory stay abroad for my English study. I can’t tell you if I had done it anyways but if you have to do it this is something completely different (and to my parents, too). So I started making plans and as probably every other traveller knows if you’ve once started making plans you can’t stop anymore… My passion was aflame.

Since then and also because Janna shared my passion, too, I couldn’t really stop travelling. No matter which adventure I’m on, nothing I experienced could ever stop me. From petting koalas to riding waves, the diverse couchsurfing hosts and hostel stories of creepy French, from meeting great people on the road and many many more stories (which you’ll hopefully all will read here soon) I’ve been through a lot.

It’s still fun to me to write about those adventure or nice places I’ve visited or tips I want to share this blog gives me the chance to relive all those moments. Of course I hope that someone’s interested in all this stuff and that some travellers have different tips they like to share with us here so that’s why we hope to have another year of fabulous stories, tips and beautiful places!

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