#foodfriday – Italy

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After our first #foodfriday post about our home it just felt natural to go on with the country of good food: Italy! I first went to Italy three years ago and went to Italy again this year, mainy (yes it’s true) to eat as much good food as I can. Sure, everyone knows about Pizza and Pasta but maybe I can tell you something new. :-)


Nobody can leave Italy without eating pizza. It’s law of nature. The pizzas in Naples, the birthplace of pizza, are truly an indulgence (you don’t need to order anything else than a Pizza Margherita for my taste here), but you’ll also get great pizzas in all other parts of Italy (I mean, we’re in Italy!). I especially enjoyed the pizzas with prosciutto or salami which just came thinly sliced on top of the pizza after baking!


There are so many pasta compositions in Italy and I’m sure that everyone is delicious! The most famous ones might be Carbonara, Bolognese and the classic Lasagna.


Shall I say anything else?! The perfect companion for your pasta or pizza and inevitable when in Itlay and you’re a wine lover.


Aaaah, I enjoy good seefood so much as I’m not living not near any coast and thus don’t have many opportunities for good seafood. Especially mussels and prawns were delicious in Italy!!


Garlic, juicy tomatoes… oh dear lord, Bruscetta might be one of the best starters you’ll find in Italy.

Ice cram


Don’t ask me how I managed to take a photo of the ice cream without eating it before. :D But seriously, ice cream in Italy IS better!!


I mentioned this GREAT street food in my Rome love confession here and would consider this as my all time favourite food in Italy! Instead of a classic, thin pizza with fresh tomato sauce you get served a piece of thick pizza from a sheet with lots of crazy things on it (my faves: chips and sausage or meat balls and potatoes). For serving, two slices are put together like a sandwich and get heated. It sounds so strange but it’s so yum you can’t imagine!

Prosciutto and Salame

This is even a great budget food: You can buy great ham and salami in supermarkets and let the yum start! (Oh and if you’re not on a budget there’s of course much better stuff to get! ;) )

The sweets of Napoli

Aah, Naples, the Italian centre of sweet treats and amazing bakeries! I literally rolled out of the city! My favourites were Nuvolettes (a sweet pastry filled with cream in different kinds of flavours like vanilla, chocolate, pistacio etc.) and Babas (a little kind of cake that gets watered with liqueur) but there are still plenty other sweets and dozens of cute bakeries that are just waiting for you to come and try!

Insalata Caprese

This is so yum and yet another great budget-friendly meal: tomatoes are incredibly juicy and delicious in Italy (at least to me as I’m from Germany), so everytime I went grocery shopping I bought some tomatoes and mozzarella cheese (another Italian classic) to make some delicious Insalata Caprese. Optionally, you can put a bit garlic, olive oil and basil on it but just tomatoes and mozzarella cheese was totally okay for me!



When I arrived in Florence I very soon found out that here Paninis are quite a big deal: rolls or baguettes filled with the greatest things you could imagine: I opted for the classic roast pork panini with mozzarella cheese and dried tomatoes! It’s still a miracle that I was able to take a picture before eating!


I didn’t try too many desserts in Italy (just another reason to come back again!) but tiramisu and panna cotta are always a good idea! :-)


Shame on me but I haven’t tried any coffee in Italy yet! :-( (mostly because my trip collided with a phase of total caffeine intolerance which I get from time to time) but I can’t wait to try a great Espresso or a Cappuchino! :-)

Okay, I’m now sitting in front of my laptop, mouthwatering, about to book a flight to Italy just to eat myself around the country! This city is simply DELICIOUS! I’m always happy to find some new great food so if you got any other tips then pleaaase let me know! :-)


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