A hidden gem in the Balkans – Montenegro

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Have you heard of Montenegro? Have you been to Montenegro? Chances are quite likely that you’ll answer at least one question with ’no‘, if not both questions! But I won’t blame you, when I travelled to Montenegro I didn’t have any expectations, either.



Three years ago, I went on a cruise with my grandpa (one of the most passionate travellers I’ve ever met, he’s 87 years now and still plans trips!) with the Bay of Kotor as one stop. This was the only stop of the whole cruise I had no expectations to. Stupid me! I will never forget the moment I stepped out of the ship’s rail and got greeted by Kotor with a breathtaking scenery: lush green and rough mountains, waft of mist between those mountains, clear blue water and an oldtown so beautiful I couldn’t wait to leave the ship!

When in Kotor, the place of interest surely is the oldtown behind the city walls, a place so worth exploring! I was there on a rainy day and usually, rain always kills the situation (except on rain dances), but in Kotor, the rain just made it perfect! And luckily, people in Montenegro are more than friendly and offered me to come under their umbrellas. :-)



After Kotor, it was time for a tour to the nearby Bay of Perast. I was lucky enough to get a row boat lift (does that word even exist?) over to the small church island of the bay which was the absolute highlight of my visit!


There are two tiny, man-made islands in the bay: the right one consists of a church, on the left one, there’s a hidden monastery behind mystic pine trees. While the church island can be visited by everyone (with a boat), only monks are allowed to visit the left islands which makes this island just more mystical! Aaaaah I love those places!



Montenegro was, and still is, one of the greatest suprises I experienced on the road! Unfortunately, I visited the Bay of Kotor on a cruise which meant that I did not need to plan anything for my visit and that I can’t give you any tips now. The only advice I can give you is to visit the Bay and see as much as possible and get as surprised as I did.

Over to you – what was your biggest surprise on the road? I need some more places for my bucket list. :-)


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