Rome on a budget

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With Rome being the capital of Italy and one of the most visited cities within Europe, it’s not always easy to get a bargain here. But everyone who knows me a bit now will know that this couldn’t stop me from exploring Rome on a shoestring. So here are my tips for saving money in Rome!Accomodation: Go for airbnb

Hotels and even hostels can quickly blow your budget (or will house you outside the city) so for me airbnb turned out to be the solution! I stayed at Lily’s Guesthouse which was absolutely incredible and super duper cheap! Oh I loved it so much!
And if you haven’t registered on airbnb yet, then do it via this link and get a 30€ discount for free!!

Don’t buy water – and especially not at the Colosseum!

I’m sure that everyone who’s been to rome will smile now when they think about the merchants who sell „ice cold water“ (well, rather frozen water) for now 2€ right at the Colosseum (and all the other sights of Rome). And the best advice I (and every other local) can give you is to NOT BUY THIS WATER (or any other water in a supermarket)! There are plenty of wells in the city with the freshest and coldest water you could wish for, so there’s no need to buy any water. Just bring a bottle to refill with you.

Eat out at lunchtime, not at dinnertime!

Of course the best advice would be to not eat out and everyone will know that but as you’re in Italy chances are high that you want to eat pizza, pasta and co. If you do so, then do it at lunchtime as prices are lower than at dinnertime!

Visit Rome if you’re under 25

Every EU citizen under 25 gets discounts for the museums and the sights, so if you’re still under 25 then go to Rome now!

Buy combo tickets

If you’re in Rome, chances are quite likely that you want to go inside the Colosseum, walk over the Roman Forum etc. If you want to do so then you’d better buy combo tickets (at the official ticket counter) for several sights which will cost you less than buying the single tickets.

Don’t take photos with the gladiators

Yeah, you probably will know that they don’t dress up for free… ;-)

Anything I missed? ;-)


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