Experiencing a disappointment on the road

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Sometimes people ask me if there ever was a place I travelled to which I didn’t like. My answer: Yes, Greece. Well, not Greece in total, but only a tiny tiny piece of this surely beautiful country called Olympia. Olympia was a quick stop on a cruise I was taking with my grandpa three years ago and maybe this was already the problem: to be honest, cruises are not my favourite kind of travel, but more about that soon. Back to Olympia. It was the last stop before going back on the mainland and I was excited as a little child ready to get its treat to finally visit one of the mysterious and historic places of Greece (little note here: when I heard we’re stopping in Olympia I maybe mixed it up with the Olymp… embarrassing I know…). And then we reached Olympia. And it was nothing more than a field with some remaining old and boring stones. Nothing more. Oh Jesus. I was standing there, with a group of seniors (and another huge group of cruise ship passengers about to come and visit) and a guide who didn’t stop telling boring stuff (really, I absolutely enjoy good guides but this one… well… never mind), trying to imagine how Olympia must’ve looked thousands of years ago but simply couldn’t. All I could do was pity myself that the part of the cruise I was so looking forwards to was the most boring place I’ve ever travelled to.

Now, three years later, I don’t feel like I should pity myself for having travelled to (and having looked forwards to go there) a place which wasn’t as beautiful as I thought it would be. If I wasn’t there I would’ve never known it was not worth it! And no matter how many people ask me if there was a place I didn’t like I’ll always respond that Olympia was such a place in my opinion but that they should never not go there just because I (or any other person) didn’t like it. It doesn’t mean that other people don’t like it either. Maybe already a better guide would make a big change. ;) Oh well and actually Greece is still on my bucketlist – including the mount Olymp. ;)

Am I the only person who didn’t like Olympia? Or what’s your “place you didn’t like”?


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