An island check in Stockholm

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Did you know that the town of Stockholm consists of 24.000 islands? To be honest, I didn’t know either until I asked Wikipedia. :-D I only got to know seven islands that build Stockholm’s city centre and even though I couldn’t see all 23.993 other islands (just one more reason to come back and admire Sweden’s beautiful nature) I fell in love with Stockholm, the fairy tale city, so I want to tell you what not to miss on which island!

Gamla Stan

I simply cannot start with any other island than the old town island which is the heart of Stockholm. Besides old houses in all kinds of yellow, orange and red, tiny alleys, Dala horse shops, churches and pebbly ways you also find the Royal Palace here. I won’t say more but let my pictures speak.




This island kind of goes with Gamla Stan as you have a fabulous view over the old town from this island.



Helgeandsholmen, Längholmen and Djurgärden

I put these three islands together as they all offer the same: beautiful nature. And by that I don’t mean the usual “oh there’s a park inside a city”-kind of nature but rather the “we’re in Scandinavia”-kind of nature. Especially on Djurgärden you won’t feel like you’re in a million city any more! And also on Djurgärden are all the prominent museums of Stockholm like the Vasa Museum (shame on me I didn’t visit!)

The island that houses the Kungsholmen quarter

I actually don’t know if that island has a name as it’s pretty big and houses three different quarters. The most prominent one might be Kungsholmen where the Stockholm town hall is which absolutely is worth a visit! When I saw a picture of the town hall I regret so badly that I didn’t go inside!!



Not only is this island a great place for cheap accommodation but also here’s “Monteliusvagen”, a great view point over Stockholm’s old town (shame on me I didn’t go there).

I really wish to go back to Stockholm right now, not only because I missed some spots there but also because this was one of the most enchanting and beautiful places I’ve ever travelled to. I can’t explain why – I just left a piece of my heart in Stockholm. But I guess I’m not the only one… :-)


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