Splügenpass – the most beautiful road in the world

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Do you remember your favourite travel moment ever? I do. And I know that no matter what I’m gonna experience on the road in future, this moment will always be my favourite travel moment. That must be something real big, huh? To me it was, but actually it was nothing more than just driving a road. The most beautiful road in the world: The Splügenpass.

img_4193Driving this Swiss Alpine pass actually wasn’t planned as an attraction. My partner in crime and I were on our way to Italy by car and thus had to pass the Alps. However, we decided to take country roads only in order to avoid the high toll that was waiting on the Swiss motorways for us. What awaited us was breathtaking – literally! No other trip ever showed me what „The journey is the reward“ really means. We stopped where we wanted to, had a picknick next to a beautiful lake, admired the stunning nature and realized that the grass in Switzerland is the greenest I’ve ver seen!!!


While we drove through Switzerland the map was lying on my knees and I had just found a way for crossing borders: the Splügenpass. There was not really any bigger city that we’ve passed in Switzerland in order to get to this Alpine pass, just pure and untouched nature. Then it was time to cross boarders and get to Italy: the road got more and more narrow, more and more serpentines meandered up the mountains and with every minute the road got steeper. After countless curves and the best views one could expect we arrived on top of the mountain. It was like a dream. I still get goose bumps now that I’m reliving this moment and can’t recommend driving this pass often enough. I would go again within an instant!



Some information:

  • Road is only open for vehicles that are not wider than 2,20m
  • In winter, the road is closed
  • The pass connects the Swiss city Splügen with the Italian city Chiavenna and, if you follow the road, finally Lake Como
  • Driving the Splügenpass is one of the shortest non-toll-road ways to get from Switzerland/Germany to Milan
  • Plan enough time for driving (not only because of the photo stops) and be a confident driver
  • ENJOY! :-)



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