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I’m only a student, I only earn little, this can only save little but still I’m always able to take great trips. The magic word here is „budget travelling“ and it’s much easier than you may think! So let me introducy you to my „little helpers“, my favourite travel sites that make me save so many bucks (and that are still not familiar to a lot of people as I found out lately)!

For finding the best flight: skyscanner

There’s hardly any trip that we take without flying so a great website for finding the cheapest flights is inevitable for every traveller. I tried several engines but found skyscanner the best. What makes this site so great are features such as searching without a destination (and skyscanner will list every possible destination sorted after price) and the flexibility with dates: you can search for a certain date, a whole month or the cheapest fare within the whole year! And also, what is super useful for me as I do not live close to any airport, you do not need to search for flights to and from certain cities but can choose a whole country and skyscanner will find the cheapest city to fly from and to. If that’s not useful I don’t know what else is! However, I’ve actually never booked through the flight sites offered on skyscanner but always through the airline itself.I’m always a bit sceptic and it gives me a better feeling to book with the actual airline AND in most cases this costs the same than the offers on skyscanner. Win win!

For finding the best accomodation: hostelworld, and airbnb

Unfortulately, there’s no website covering every possible accomodation type (if there’s one let me know!) so here you have to compare a bit. Hostelworld and can be quite similar if it comes to private rooms in guesthouses or hostels, however, you’ll only find cheap dorms on hostelworld and hotels on (makes sense, huh?). A great tool on both websites is to sort the results according to their price. This way I start with the first and cheapest result, have a look at the reviews, the facilities and the location (consider that you don’t need public transport from your ccomodation to the city centre if it’s located in the city centre, so maybe paying a bit more for a better location might pay off in the end) and go down the list until I find the best deal!
If you have a look at airbnb you get to see the results on a map and can then browse through them. If airbnb is new to you, then have a look here to get to know more about this great way of travelling!
If you’re after the best deal, then have a look at all three websites for the best offer and then compare those three offers for the really best one!

For finding the cheapest way of transportation: rome2rio

Type in point A and point B and rome2rio will find every possibility of transportation: by bus, train, plane, ship, car, taxi, rideshare or foot – rome2rio has it all!

For replacing travel guides: tripadvisor

I LOVE this site. I hope every traveller has heard of tripadvisor. If not, then visit this site now and fall in love with it! It’ll feed you with all kind of travel information you need – no matter if for a trip or if for spending the whole day in front of your computer, dreaming about tropical destinations and what to do there!

For finding the cheapest tours: (for Oceania only) and tripadvisor

As just mentioned recently when I wrote about Whitsunday Islands tours, might be the greatest saver you’ll ever encounter! Dozens of great tours around Australia, New Zealand and Fiji are offered here for a real bargain! I used this site twice and had do cancel one of the booked tours due to a cyclone which was coming along and never had any problems with the site! Oh how I wish I could use this site world-wide! (If you know such a site then pleeeeease TELL ME!!!)
For tours outside Oceania I check the tour operators that are listed on tripadvisor. It’s actually not the best option yet as mostly just the high priced tours are listed, so if you have any advice for booking cheap tours then pleas let me know in the comments! :-)

For finding travelmates: facebook or local pages

Sometimes you fancy some company, sometimes you want to cut the costs for renting a car – whatever reason it is, sometimes you look for travelmates. But where to find them? Facebook with its tons of travellers groups is a great way to get connected and find a companion (worked for me twice!) – if you’re not lucky there, then try local sites. For Europe it would be, for OZ cumtree and for New Zealand trademe.

For everything else: google and, of course, travel blogs!

Seriously, we’re more than lucky to live in an age where every kind of information is available on-line. So if you need to find out anything then do your research before going and know how to save sume bucks! It’s easy as this!

Well, I hope I didn’t forget any page. :-) Now over to you (to broaden my horizon and maybe saving some more bucks): Which pages do you use? Would love to hear of some new stuff!


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