Airbnb – tested, loved, and done again (and again and again)

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You might’ve realised that I’m always travelling on a very tight budget, so of course airbnb was on my radar. When I went to Paris last year I did a lot of research in order to find cheap accommodation – and finally tried airbnb.

Luckily, airbnb offered a 25$ discount for everyone who signed up at that time – I loved the page immediately!

So what’s airbnb about? Simply, locals offer their flats (or rooms of their flat) for tourists to rent. Some hosts live in the flat you rent, others don’t. But you’ll definitely meet your host when you get the keys and surely get some tips for the city from a local.

When you decided for a flat or a room (or islands or treehouses… you can actually rent everything! – it’s crazy!) you get in contact with your host to check availability. The great thing about airbnb is that a host only has 24 hours to reply, otherwise your request gets cancelled – so in any way you get a quick response. Everytime I make a booking I first have a look at the reviews – it always gives me a good feeling to read that other people had a great experience with the host, even if it’s just one person telling so!

If your host confirmed your request it’s time to get excited! Yay! Another great feature of airbnb: after the booking my credit card gets charged with the amount; however, my host only gets this amount after the first night and when everything went well. So if my host does not appear I will have a problem according to accomodatio but at least I don’t need to care about the money I paid.

Besides the amount your host gets there’s a service charge of 12% which comes on top and goes to airbnb itself. But still in many cases airbnb is cheaper than any other accommodation (yes, even hostels!). For example, in Paris I paid as little as 80€ for a whole flat (okay, this “whole flat” was not bigger than 6m² BUT we had it to ourself) for two persons for three night five minutes away from the Louvre! How cool is that!!

My conclusion: I always wanted to try airbnb, did it three times now and I still love it! I always felt like a local, my hosts were super friendly and gave me useful tips and offered me great rooms or flats for the lowest prices! I can recommend this site soo much! And the best thing is: the 25$ (30€) welcome discount is still available! I get the discount, too, so GO FOR IT!!!:-) THANKS! :-)



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