Portovenere – Cinque Terre’s best kept secret

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Three years ago, when I planned my first trip to Italy (a roadtrip with loads of turbulences and catastrophes but still the best trip I’ve ever taken) the cute towns of Riomaggiore and Manarola were on my list. Ever since I’ve seen the amaaazing pictures of those colourful fishing villages I wanted to go there so badly. Then, when we came close to the Cinque Terre National Park I saw the signs indicating the way to Riomaggiore and Manarola but for some strange reason I decided to follow the signs to Portovenere, a town of which I’ve never heard of. Alas, this might’ve been the best decision I’ve ever taken!


The truly best thing about Portovenere is that it’s still an absolute secret: compared to the five towns Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso in Portovenere you’ll mostly meet Italians and Italians only. When visiting this town you’ll also feel like an Italian, living in a cute fishing village where life just starts after sunset, where waterball fields are in the sea and where the sun always shines.


Portovenere offers a gravel beach where I spent the hot part of the day, tiny alleys that will make you wander around, cute cafés and restaurants, ruins of an old castle, gorgeous cliffs from where you can spot the sunset, hiking paths, … the list could go on forever. I spent the day on the beach and walking around the village and the cliffs; however, for the hike there was no time left. The most prominent and also most challenging but surely most beautiful trail goes from Portovenere to Monterosso, the last of the beautiful five towns, and is definitely on my to-hike-list.





Three years later I came back to Italy; it was time to see more of Italy’s most beautiful coastline called Cinque Terre. Lots of beautiful villages, hiking paths and nature were waiting for me. Read about my experiences here soon. :)



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