The best places for spotting wildlife in Australia

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So you came to Australia and I bet that somewhere on your bucket list the point “spot a koala/kangaroo” occurs. And I can tell you you definitely will! Just come to the right places I will tell you now.

  1. Kangaroos

Ok I guess that this is Australia’s most prominent local so first things first. :) And just let me tell you that you’ll find them everywhere. It actually took me a lot of time to spot a living kangaroo (there are so many dead ones lying at the street) but no Aussie believed me it took me this long to finally see one. The best way to find a kangaroo is to get out of the city and ask a local where to find kangaroos. Other prominent spots are Esperance or Cape Hillsborough National Park or of course Kangaroo Island. ;) And if you want to come real close to the roos without fearing to get boxed then there are still many zoos with kangaroos to pet.


2. Koalas

This animal is much harder to be spotted! You have to be patient and you have to have good eyes. Best chances to find koalas are around Byron Bay’s lighthouse track or – that’s where I spotted my first wildlife koala – on Magnetic Island. If you weren’t lucky here there’s a big chance to spot koalas at the Great Ocean Road – however, you’ll spot them there on two or three trees next to a car park, so these koalas don’t feel too much like “in the wildlife”.


3. Dolphins

One of the most adorable animals are very likely to be found around Australia’s coast. There are many tours to spot dolphins, for example I went on a kayak tour around Byron Bay to see them swim and play next to me. But by far my favourite spot for dolphins was on my way from Tasmanian mainland to Maria Island (read about my encounter here).

4. Wombats

Wombats are probably the cutest animals I’ve ever seen!!! This animal can also be easily found on Maria Island.


5. Penguins

The cute and cuddly fellas can be found in Australia’s south; I found some at Binalong Bay, but you also have the chance to see penguins at St. Kilda Beach in Melbourne when the suns sets or on Philipp Island.


6. Wallabies

There’s an area on Magnetic Island where dozens of wallabies walk around and beg for food (yes you can even feed them but please, only with appropriate food). Chances are quite likely to get a selfie here. ;)


7. Quokkas

Pictures of the animal that’s “always happy” got viral around the internet and I’m still incredibly sad that I haven’t made it to Rottnest Island in Western Australia which is home to the quokkas. Next time!

8. Seals

Another animal that was on my list but that I left un-ticked as you can find them mostly in Southern or Western Australia. Oh what would I give to swim with these beautiful creatures!

9. Crocodiles

If you dare spotting a crocodile in the wildlife then go to Darwin. I didn’t after hearing all the creepy crocodile stories. They are way too dangerous to a fraidy-cat like me.

10. Parrots

That’s probably another animal you think of when dreaming about Australia and I can tell you that you will also find them almost everywhere in Australia. But at Rainbow Beach I saw much more parrots than anywhere else.

11. Turtles

During my time in OZ I was lucky enough to have some amazing turtle encounters. My first one was in Bundaberg , Mon Repos beach, where turtles lay their eggs and where the babies hatch later on. I can highly recommend doing a tour here as you get lots of information and see lots of cute baby turtles. Just watch the seasons. Another great chance for spotting turtles underwater is around the Whitsunday Islands. I was lucky enough to go on a tour with an experienced skipper who knew exactly where to go snorkelling with us. It was absolutely stunning!

Did I miss any animal? Or any secret spot? Spotting wildlife is still on my bucket list so I’m thankful for any advice for my next trip. :-)


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