How to visit Finlands amazing landscape during your Helsinki trip

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Oh I was so excited when I booked my trip to Helsinki. I’ve been dreaming of Scandinavia for awhile and this mostly because of the stunning landscape there – and also because Janna was crazy about Finland for a while already. Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much time (and money, Scandinavia is super expensive!) as I had wished to, however, it’s luckily totally possible to see a lot of Scandinavia’s killer landscape when you base yourself in Finland’s capital as there’s literally everywhere some kind of nature. A Finn told us that if you move around and don’t find anything green near you you know you’re inside somewhere. It turned out to be so true. So the following places are unbelievably beautiful and thankfully easy to visit from Helsinki.

  1. Suomenlinna

It’s hard to pick a favourite but if I had to I guess it would be Suomenlinna, the capital’s old fortress island that actually consists of four islands. You can get here easily by ferry from Helsinki and get a beautiful day (or a few hours depending on your time frame) guaranteed. The walk around the island is worth every step and I promise you won’t get enough of the landscape on your way.


  1. Seurasaari

This island is (almost) as beautiful as Suomenlinna but even easier to reach: you don’t need a ferry, just cross the bridge. Here, you’ll find much more pine trees than on Suomenilla and circuiting the island takes probably one or two hours by foot. Also, the island is the perfect spot for a delicious picnic.





  1. Munkkiniemi

This hidden gem was Janna’s insider tip. You can reach this little lake easily (and quickly) by a 15 minute train ride from Helsinki’s city centre. What you’ll find here is silence, relaxation and untouched nature!

  1. Porvoo

Porvoo is a cute little Finnish village a little outside Helsinki which is so worth a visit! Embedded into beautiful nature the village’s timber houses are just waiting for your visit!



  1. The ferry ride from Tallinn to Helsinki

My trip to Helsinki was part of a journey across the Baltic States and Scandinavia and thus I came from Tallinn by ferry. I heard a lot before that the ferry ride is stunning itself and I can absolutely confirm that! So this ride was not only the cheapest way to travel from Tallinn (another super cute city by the way!) to Helsinki but also the most scenic way, too.


  1. Pretty everywhere

If possible in any way then go get a car, get out of Helsinki and just drive. No matter where you are or where you will stop – you will always find incredible nature! I was more than lucky to spend my time in Helsinki with a super nice Finn (thanks to Couchsurfing!) who once took us to the forest to have a barbecue in one of the little huts there. This was one of my favourite nights during this journey, if not one of the best nights during all my travels! Unfortunately I couldn’t spot an elk but I can definitely live with that.





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