The five most romantic things to do in Vienna

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When I look back at all the places I’ve travelled to it’s not Venice or Paris that has been the most romantic city trip with my better half – it’s definitely Vienna! Maybe it’s not surprising that my choice felt on Vienna as it’s the first city I travelled to with my partner in crime and as it’s the city where we spent our reunion after my six months solo adventure in Australia – a factor that would’ve made every city romantic. But despite my subjectivity according to the city choice there are many reasons for Vienna as a romantic getaway for you and your better half (of just for yourself).

  1. Schönbrunn Castle


our first trip…
and our second one… we all grow old :)

Okay, this is an obvious one but is there any place that can be more romantic? Hardly. My first visit to Vienna was in January and I was a bit disappointed as there were no flowers blooming – April was a much better choice. In January I spent my time in the café up the hill enjoying the view, a hot chocolate and a Sachertorte (of course shared with my boyfriend to make my visit as sweet as the cake). In April, if the weather allows, a picknick outside to enjoy the view is also a great choice.

  1. Stroll along the city center


Vienna’s city center is not only beautiful, but also offers Manner! My bf absolutely loves Manner (waffles filled with hazelnut cream), so everytime we’re in Vienna he visits the pink Manner shop next to the Stephansdom and buys more Manner than he can carry – and eat (thankfully I’m always there to help him…). How romantic is that? Of course you can top that experience by a carriage ride buuuut that would have been to cheesy (and expensive) for me.

  1. Vienna Prater


It’s needless to say that there are various romantic things to do in the Prater. If you’d ask me the most romantic (and most unique) thing to do is a ride with the huuuge chain carousel. You might not be allowed to take your camera up there and it’s freaking high (the first few minutes I just spent trying to not pee into my pants) but the view is absolutely exceptional!

  1. Visit the planetarium


Well this was my highlight in Vienna! The planetarium is right next to the Prater and regularly offers some interesting shows. As we both are interested in stars this was such a cool – and romantic – experience for us.

  1. Kahlenberg


Thank god we stayed with a friend of my bf who knows the best places to go. His insider tip to us was the Kahlenberg, a mountain where you can look all over Vienna. Unfortunately, there are no buses running up there so a car is inevitable to enjoy this spectaaaacular view!

So I hope you’re all ready for some romantic days in Vienna. ;) Did I miss anything I should put on my to-do list for my next visit in Vienna with my by?


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