The best Sydney harbour views

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Oooh Sydney, you were amazing!!! I felt amazing when I visited you cause everytime I had a look at your beautiful Opera House I knew „Yes, I made it, I’m at the world’s end!“. I will never forget the moment I saw the Opera House for the first time between all those ships in the harbour and how my lips curled into a smile without me doing anything.

The next few days I spent chasing the best view over Opera House and Harbour Bridge and of course I did find lots of great spots!

Circular Quay

Circular Quay was my first stop in Sydney and probably the place where everyone lies eyes on the beautiful Opera House and Harbour bridge for the first time.


Harbour Bridge

You don’t necessarily need to do the Harbour Bridge Climbing thing (it’s just f*ing expensive and way too high for me) – just walking as a pedestrian over Harbour Bridge was so much fun and offered so many exceptional views over one of the world’s most prominent harbour!


Milsons Point

Walking over Harbour Bridge is worth it twice as the other side of the harbour offers different but of course still beautiful views on the Opera House.



Luna Park

Strolling around the other end of the harbour bridge towards Luna Park offeres many many spectacular views as well as bridge and Opera House in a slightly different perspective.


Mrs Maquaries Chair, Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is home to Sydney’s number one sunset spot. If you make your way to Mrs Maquaries Chair in time you’ll not only see the sun setting behind the Harbour Bridge, but will also find lots of professional photographers as well as the Sydney newstime studio. Having a picknick with your friends here is simply bliss.




Ferry to Manly

What’s better than seeing Opera House and Harbour bridge from the water?! If you catch the ferry to Manly you’ll get the chance to see this scenery for quite a long time (and Manly itself is also worth a visit!)
Tipp: With your Opal Card you don’t pay more than 15$ a day for public transport (including ferries). As the ferry to Manly regularly costs 14$ (return), I also went to Bondi beach on this day and took as many ferries as possible as I wouldn’t pay more for doing so.


Cremorne Point

If you make a quick stop on your way to Taronga zoo and get off the ferry at the first stop I’m sure you won’t regret it. This point of view actually was one of my favourites in Sydney at night- and daytime.

P1030190 (2)


PS: Don’t forget the look from outside the ferry whilst travelling to and from the harbour – you’ll get real close to the Opera House!


Dover Heights

Dover Heights is Sydneys secret not-so-secret-anymore spot for taking this super duper cool photo with the swing which probably offers one of the best views in the whole world. Just take bus number 380 Dover Heights up to Dudley Page Reserve. It’s not only the swing that makes it worth getting up there!



The view I was chasing during my time in Sydney probably is one of the best in the whole world and made every great day even better – it was like the whipped cream on my hot chocolate! :)


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