One day in Kuala Lumpur

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Due to Air Asia’s sh*t flight schedule and the forthcoming end of my trip I had no other possibility than spending just one day in Kuala Lumpur. And actually, this “one day” was not even a day as I arrived in the afternoon and left around noon the next day. And arrival and departure days are always shit. Always. You don’t find your accommodation, it takes too much time to get out of the airport and for your departure you need to be earlier at the airport/train station/bus station/whatever and no time’s left to discover a city. And what I already knew before became reality: One day is not enough for this city. Fullstop. I was hoping that my restless feet might be able to explore the city around the Petrona Towers in the afternoon and visit the Batu Caves in the morning of the next day, but… well… it didn’t work. Instead, time was melting like butter in the South East Asian sun.


When I saw how beautiful Kuala Lumpur was and remembered that I don’t have enough time to discover everything it almost lacerated my heart. The Petrona Towers looked amazing, especially at night, and sadly I was too late to enjoy the view over the city and the towers from the top of the Menara Tower. And, even worse, I didn’t have enough time to try all the street food in Kuala Lumpur. I was almost crying!

But even though I was short on time I have some useful tips for your trip to Kuala Lumpur (except planning enough time for this city haha):

  1. The cheapest way to get from the airport to the city centre is not the metro that’s signposted at the airport – instead, go as far downstairs as possible (I think it’s level -1) and you’ll find a bus station. There, you can buy tickets for the busses inside the airport at the ticket counters for as little as 10 Malaysian Ringgit (about 2,50€).
  2. Don’t be confused if you have to transit at the metro and can’t find the other line inside the metro station – I really had to leave the metro station, cross streets, walk over several bridges, … to get to another line. Quite confusing.
  3. Don’t think the Petrona Towers are close if you can spot them. It just isn’t so (unless you’re really in front of them). It took me at least another 30 minutes to actually get to the towers from where I thought they would be (and to be honest, I skipped the last few meters to get to the towers and took my pictures 50 meters away or so, lazy me).
  4. If you wanna continue your journey to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, take the bus! I have never been on a bus which was THAT comfortable!! For as little as 11€ this was absolutely amazing!!! (Just expect some problems in Singapore, as you can read here)
  5. Malaysia is not as Muslim as I found out on my research. As it was the first Muslim country I was about to visit (and I wanted to be respectful and do everything correct) I was really worried that I might not be allowed to sleep in a room with my not-husband but just boyfriend and I almost bought some cheap rings for us, just for the case, to enter into a temporarily limited fake-marriage. It turned out to be… not so. Not in the slightest way. I was sleeping in a hostel that also offered mixed dorms, no one cared, men stared at my boobs on the street, and people went out to party and drink alcohol. It didn’t feel like I was in a Muslim country but in a Western city.



All in all, Kuala Lumpur gave me an interesting, bustling and western first impression and I can’t wait to get the chance to revisit this city! Up to you – is there anything I must not miss for my second aka first real visit (I actually can’t give you ANY sightseeing tips as it was WAY too less time)?


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