The best Eiffeltower views

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When I visited Paris for the first time this year it felt like my camera was glued to my fingers. Gosh, this city was so fotogenic! Mainly I took photos of the Eiffeltower and ran around Paris like a maniac, always searching for the perfect „Eiffeltower-angle“ for the perfect Eiffeltower-shot. It was not only a lot of fun but also quite successful (at least that’s what I think) cause now I have heaps of Eiffeltower pictures I quite like. So if you’d like to find out if you like them, too, if I went to your favourite Eiffeltower places in Paris too, or if you just want to feel like you’re back in France, continue reading.

1. The Seine


I know, you wouldn’t have thought of the Seine and it’s suuuch a secret but first things first. Probably that’s where most tourist see the Eiffeltower for the first time (at least that’s where I did).

2. Champ de Mars


People might thing that this place is super romantic but despite the unbeatable view it’s probably not… thousands of tourists, rubbish everywhere and lots of merchants who try to sell you roses, chocolate, beer, wine, selfie sticks,… It’s nice for a short stop, though, but there are many more places in Paris that are more enjoyable than this one.

3. Trocadero


Sorry for being such a critic but the palace on the other side of the Seine wasn’t my favourite place either. Maybe I didn’t like it because it was under construction cause the view you get on the Eiffeltower is pretty great – far enough but not too far for a good photo.

4. Tour Montparnasse


So now we’re getting to my favourites – one of them is Tour Montparnasse! I wasn’t sure about getting up there cause it’s quite expensive (something around 15 bucks) but when I decided to do so I was soooo glad I did – mainly because I arrived at sunset and the view was spectacular! So everyone who might think it’s not worth getting up there – it is! And you not only see the Eiffeltower but the whole of Paris as there’s a 360 degree rooftop terrace!

5. Notre Dame


My favourite place in Paris! On top of Notre Dame you’ve the chance to see the amazing gargoyles that look as dreamy over Paris as I did.

6. Pont Alexandre III


7. The carousel at Pont d’léna


That’s how you imagine Paris, isn’t it?

8. Rue de Buenos Ayres


I was searching for that perspective all the time while I was in Paris and then I coincidentally found it! Lucky me!

9. Under the Eiffeltower


10. Golden Hour


Golden Hour is by far my favourite time of the day – I’m sure you know why!

11. Arc de Triomphe

This viewpoint was on my list but unfortunately I didn’t have enough time left to get up there and enjoy the view. Well – at least I got something to do for my next visit then!

Okay, so this post might show you that I kinda fell in love with the Eiffeltower which isn’t too difficult and which probably everyone who has been to Paris will understand. So did I forget any special Eiffeltower viewpoints I should visit during my next visit to Paris (whenever this will be)? Do you have some secret tips for me? :)

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